Stretch Marks Can Really Spoil The Show

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In adolescence, during pregnancy, or because of limitless diets; the appearance of stretch marks can really poison a woman’s life.

I mean, can you think of any other biggest nightmare for a woman other than not being able to wear her favorite dress, just because she got some ugly looks marks around her belly or legs? Prove me wrong if you can, but these stretch marks could seriously kill the confidence.

Hormonal question plays a leading role in the appearance of stretch marks. The moment when secretion corticosteroids increases, their high concentration then blocks fibroblasts (support connective tissue cells) and eventually, collagen production decreases.

As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and ‘breaks’ at the slightest stretch. As hormonal factor plays a major role, stretch marks are rare in men. While this is also due to greater fragility of the skin of women.

Like the cellulite, stretch marks are visible marks on the outside of the skin. There is no skin known to stretch marks, i.e. the skin color is not a factor for the development of stretch marks. It is the thickness of the skin that plays a role.

“The thicker the skin is (and therefore contains fibers), the less it will suffer from stretch marks.” says experts. Some areas of the body are more sensitive to the appearance of stretch marks.

The legs (especially knees) urge the fibers of the skin because of many movements this high stress causes skin more easily stretch marks. In pregnant women, it is of course in the belly and breasts that stretch marks are mostly emerging.

In a teenage, a few purplish stretch marks may appear on the chest, thighs or buttocks. The unsightly nature of these stretch marks is closely linked to their visibility.

Besides their position, color can range from pale pink to purple. The depth and color of a scar marks its evolution. But, after a while, the depth stabilizes, the fibers become stiff around the ‘scar’ and stretch marks take its final color.”

Myths about Stretch Marks - You Better not Believe

It is not Possible to Prevent Striae

Whether you get stretch marks or not largely depends on your genes, but that does not mean that there is no way to help prevent streaks. The key is to hydrate your skin – allowing your skin maintains its maximum elasticity and get you less prone to stretch marks.

Slim People DO NOT Get Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused when your skin stretches. This can be caused by several things, just think of your puberty, pregnancy, in case you have many deliveries or losing weight. It has nothing to do with your weight. So, it is a complete myth.

Losing Weight Causes it To Go Away

People are crazy about losing weight the fastest they can. In this attempt of theirs, they start following schedules that reduce their weight drastically. The faster you lose, the faster these stretch marks will appear.

After all, your skin is a loser that stripes quickly. If you want to prevent stretch marks, it is better not to fall off more than about one kilo per week. The reason – allow your body to adjust to the changes.

Stretch Marks Go Away

Stretch marks can be slowly fading, but should you say these will completely go away; probably will not happen. You can lend a hand by smearing the stretch marks with skin products containing vitamin A or E; your skin is more elastic and will rapidly create collagen.

These skin ointments can help your skin with an improved texture and color, but this no way means that these marks will permanently go. These skin care solutions are just a camouflage.

Only Women Get Stretch Marks

This is absolutely not true! Women often have stretched marks quickly because the body changes that they have to deal with.

But, men can get just as much affected by this nasty streaks. Especially when their weight often increases or decreases, or if they train their muscles a lot in a short time.

Women should be particularly careful to hydrate their skin during periods of hormonal changes in adolescence, menopause and during pregnancy. Proper hydration will soften the skin.

The anti-stretch mark treatments that contain fiber generators will increase the thickness of the skin. They are interesting from this point of view. In pregnancy, opt for anti-stretch mark treatments that activate fibroblasts and collagen.

By cons, stretch marks are like real scars on the surface of the skin and you cannot expect a 100% solution.

The best I can tell you is – preserving your weight in a healthful range by means of eating nicely and workout often.