Your Relationship Deserves A Second Chance or Not?

Your Relationship Deserves A Second Chance or Not?
Your Relationship Deserves A Second Chance or Not?
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Before completely giving up on a relationship, we all want to check whether our relationship deserves a second chance or not.

Second Chance????? We all want an answer to a mystery – is it a good choice to resume a relationship? Should I re-join my ex-partner? Sometimes, after a long paused relationship, the partners fail to move on, and they keep on thinking about a possible reconciliation. The mistake here they do is – they fail to look at the situation objectively and they become a victim of emotions.

Your relationship deserves a second chance? This is the question that you must answer before you reconcile and that too without any pressure from your emotions. Frankly, it was a harmonious relationship?

It was a relationship that made me happy? Did you break up because a problem occurred? When you two failed to find a solution that time, how come you think that you can solve the same problem now? Do you think it is worth trying again – more importantly, to try more?

Whether your relationship is worth or not of a second chance, is a response you need to find before any reconciliation. Reconciliation between former partners present risks.

It can do not only to resume what you have just done, to walk the same road, which has already led to a break; in other words, it is likely to arrive once again in the same dead end: because you broke up for a reason.

According to the experts of the fields and researcher relations, a few aspects that you need to clear your mind about, should you see yourself in such confusion.

This relationship deserves to be saved?

Think about whether you trust him. If you really think he is honest, he would not hurt you or fool, he puts your needs first, you’re on the right track.

Do you have similar values? You are on the same wavelength when it comes to the importance of religion, family or health? These issues justify the second chance of your relationship. How do you handle conflict and stress in the couple? If you can do it in a positive way, you have yet another reason to try to see if you can save this relationship.

Are your expectations the problem?

If you expect sparks whenever you see at a constant attraction, happily ever after, then it may be that your expectations to your thwart. Many individuals crave passion, take a good intensity and I assume that they will last forever.

Unfortunately, it is not so. Understand how the passion is the secret that can make your relationship last.

Allow you to have different expectations from you, your partner and your relationship. Instead of wondering what’s wrong in your relationship, you’d better try to expect passion to oscillate in time and understand it perfectly normal.

Are you willing to adopt new tactics to ignite the passion?

Even if you adjust your expectations do not mean you should settle for a platonic relationship. Passion and sexual desire are essential for a long-term relationship.

So, the specialist shows, following a study on the retrieval of passion and sexual desire in a long-term relationship, you can rekindle the flame couple using three key factors: the newness, mystery, and excitement.

Therefore, simply engage in new activities as the couple, try to pleasantly surprise each other, embracing spontaneity and take advantage of activities which increase the level of endorphins and adrenaline, with which arousal occurs.

The period of separation was only to learn the value of each other.

When time without former partner showed you how important the relationship was, how happy he made partner. When you still have feelings for each other, and during the separation would only intensify those feelings, maybe you deserve to give yourself a second chance.

If you have problems, you can solve together as long as your desire is to be together again. When you miss your former partner and know that he/she feels the same, then assume your risk and try again. One question: you miss the person and your relationship, or you miss to have a partner and a relationship in general?

When you have learned something after separation

It is worth to give a second chance if you now know what was right and what was wrong, and you know what you should do differently with the new beginning. To resume same relationship, without any change; will most likely lead to another end.

You know you have to do to be a harmonious couple, happy couple, and a couple more powerful? You realized, after separation, how much you want, how much you need each other and how important it is to show each other affection and appreciation?

As a couple, you need to realize points and weaknesses of that relationship. After a breakup, you have a chance to change the relationship without to resume the same road, but valuing it and strengthening it.

With confidence, willpower, and patience, many problems can be solved couple together – even serious ones.