Your Dreams Will Never Workout Unless You Do

Your dreams will never workout unless you do
Your dreams will never workout unless you do
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Ideally, you get up every day with an empty feeling inside. No passion, no satisfaction, no reason to get out of bed.

A good procrastination shouldering feels like you’re inserting lots and lots of commas into the sentence or your life. People keep on saying that you have to follow your heart and your dreams to realize. And you think: “No, sorry – but I just did with it. I do not realize my dreams, I want to fill my soul with a sense of emptiness. My days start without passion and my life without a sense of accomplishment. I want to feel the tears burning behind my eyes and have a reason to complain about anything except myself.”

I am a part of this rat race and I am running very hard. Well, we love it. It distracts you from the great questions of life. We are endlessly running and flying, and meanwhile “doing things;” things that seem useful because they are approved by others, but in reality, they are not going to take you anywhere.

We always talk about full agendas; full of empty appointments. We all brag about out head; a head full of unfinished tasks. Lovely! Isn’t it? But, admit it honestly, these efforts of ours are not going to offer us a byte of satisfaction.

Although we all know this, yet we are very busy; busy with useless tasks, thoughts, fears, distractions and dreams. And, on top of this, we self-praise of being busy .

It never finishes here. You start presenting yourself as a victim. And, you do so intentionally because it is much easier than taking responsibility for your life. It keeps you small and defenseless, so you’ll get less big dreams for the future.

It makes you anxious because you feel that others decide your fate. It fills your head with unpleasant thoughts and your mouth with negative words.

This finally forces you to believe that you are worthless. Unless you are broadcasting your shortcomings as your bad lucks, you are not going to reach your dreams.

You start bypassing things and postponing action will become your habit. Your dreams will continue to float, and in addition, you will see yourself doing your best while pushing them away.

Despite your acknowledgment about your own dreams, you will keep pushing them against the wall until the last moment. Instead, working for your dream, you would prefer to check your Facebook.

It’s nice to sit in a comfort zone, talk to the same people, doing the same things that you already know it works, to settle with you. Perhaps you mean that you have time and you can try again later.

But, let me tell you – there are trains that we have to catch them in time, otherwise we might not have the second chance on the same day or maybe, not one tomorrow as well.

You will keep making your dreams big and overwhelming and by doing so, you won’t be able to figure out from where you should actually start. You will keep nourishing yourself with different fears such as fear of failure or fear of competition.

Sure that any kind of change can scare us, and the explanation is simple: invest too much energy and time into things or people, and when they disappear, we include a state of panic.

We may not like change, but they are good because we go ahead and make our lives interesting. Only when you understand that you have to live today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, you will not be afraid. You will not be afraid that there are people who can go in your life, or are things you can lose.

Whatever you want to do, do it today. Take this step absolutely seriously if you want to give your life a meaning.