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Yes! Indian Women Do Have Sexual Fantasies
Yes! Indian Women Do Have Sexual Fantasies

Yes! Indian Women Do Have Sexual Fantasies



  1. Women like sex as much as men.
  2. Yes, even they fantasies about you.
  3. Be vocal to your partner and get to know her desires.

This definitely reminded me of a scene in FRIENDS where Monica and Rachel explains to Chandler about the basic erogenous zones in women. Do you remember that?

Bitter, but true that men are always ready for sex, whereas women take time. They need to feel the connection to enjoy sex and have that perfect orgasm. Dear Men! Have you ever tried asking your partner about what they want in bed? I am talking about sexual fantasies. If you don’t know, let me tell you that Indian women do have sexual fantasies.

If you don’t experiment in bed or experiment with your partner’s fantasies, you are actually making it dull and boring.

In this context, we had a talk with many females and here are a few confessions.

1Confession of Jasmine

The other day I was telling my boyfriend over the phone what I want in bed and he was totally surprised. I really want him to set up a “room date” where we can have champagne and he is just wearing a black shirt with all the buttons undone.

Oh ghosh he looked so hot in my imagination, just want to see him that way in person now. I think that would be a perfect hot love making part that would lead upto a hot sex.

2Confession of Kavya

Interesting. Well, to be very honest, I have many! (giggles) It will be difficult to say just one. Ummmm.. Okay! So, I really find role reversal a big turn on.

I would love to be a man, a voracious wild man in bed and just lead sex in my way. I would love to dominate my guy in bed, you know what I mean right? with all those handcuffs! Power is sexy.

3Confession of Neelam

I really want me and my guy to go to a nude beach in the night and have sex under the stars. I think that will be the most beautiful sex I’ll ever have in my entire life. And to make it a memory of life time, I would want us to film it so that I can watch it and get turned on whenever I want.

4Confession of Anjali

I have always found uniform men sexy. I often tell my husband to dress as an army man or a pilot, or oh yes, a navy man!

A navy man is perfect for me.

I like play a shy girl or say a damsel in distress and then a navy man sweeps me off in his arms and just throw me into his bed. How hot that would be?

5Confession of Nargis

I like to play strip poker with my man. Cards, wine, music and no clothes – isn’t that a perfect combination?

We strip in front of each other and that’s so very turn on for me, and then having sex on that very same poker table. Well, that’s my definition of a perfect sex!

Well, I must say, we had super awesome time interviewing these girls getting to know their sweet to wild sexual fantasies.

Now go and just be vocal with your partner to know her fantasies and desires. Sex will be much fun this way.