Yes! I am Fat and I don’t Need You to Tell Me

Yes! I am Fat and I don’t Need You to Tell Me
Yes! I am Fat and I don’t Need You to Tell Me
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Mayuri was at her cousin’s wedding, when one of her aunt’s friends came up to her. Before she could even say two sentences, the woman was already commenting on her weight, “Aare, Mayuri, what are you eating? Why have you put on so much weight? You know you married a fine man, you need to lose this fat or he will lose interest in you.” She continued harping on and on about Mayuri’s weight. Poor girl couldn’t say anything, she just had to stand there and fake a smile. Just then one of her college classmates, Sushma, caught sight of her and let out a scream. She had known Mayuri when she was in college, when she was still stick-thin. Sushma could barely contain herself and joined the older woman in her tirade. Mayuri was quizzed about her diet, exercise, and why she chose to wear a sari because her fat belly was showing.

As their commentary continued, Mayuri got more upset and irate. She knew she had put on weight, she knew what she looked like before; it wasn’t as though she didn’t have a mirror at home. The more they talked about her weight, the sadder she became. She had started exercising, cut sugar out of her diet, it’s not like she could lose the weight overnight. Her husband wasn’t complaining, so why can’t these two people mind their business? Must they ask her such irrelevant personal questions? She remembered when she was single, all her relatives kept asking when she’d marry. When she got married, the next question was when she would give birth. Why can’t people mind their business?

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Well, I’m sorry to break it to you but people can’t. There will always be someone who has no concept of controlling their tongues. They are ever ready to run off their mouths, cross personal boundaries and ask stupid questions. You have to be ready for it. Remember when you were slim, and everyone said you weren’t eating well? Well, that’s the thing – everybody thinks they are entitled to have an opinion about your body and your life. From the old classmate, to your aunt’s friend’s sister, even the security man at your office.

Perhaps you are fat and you like it that way. Maybe your husband wants you to stay plump. Or maybe, you are trying to lose weight. It doesn’t matter what the case is with you, if you no longer care for the annoying critique and commentary that pours from strangers’ lips, then maybe it is time to tell them off. There are many ways to cut such impolite people off. From bold statements like “I really don’t care what you think”, to sarcastic ones like “Oh Wow! I am fat? What are we going to do about it?”, or maybe just give them a withering stare (although, such pests don’t know how to read facial expressions).

If you want to take the high road, you can choose to politely excuse yourself or take a fake call. But the bottom line is this; there will always be someone who makes such insensitive comments. Don’t let it depress or deter you. Walk away and stay away from such people. Focus on whatever you are doing, be patient with yourself and zealously guard your happiness from those trying to steal it.