Women’s Standpoint On Men Fashion

Women's Standpoint On Men Fashion
Women's Standpoint On Men Fashion
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Vishakha Rawal

Vishakha Rawal

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  1. Men are most likely to be perceived by women on the basis of how they dress.
  2. You send out vibes according to the way you dress, so dress carefully.
  3. It is important to dress according to the occasion - if you are a CEO dress like one!

Oh, those washboard abs and that drool-worthy physique! Is that the only real thing women find attractive in men?

Well, sometimes what’s on the outside is more important than what’s on the inside. The style definitely says who you are and your taste in life which for sure helps in making a first good impression. You never know what subtle impressions or vibes your clothes might be sending out.

We spoke to ladies from different walks of life and compiled an assorted list of clothes in different categories which women find attractive on men. So dear men, it’s time to take notes!

Suspenders - Chinos - Pointed Leather Shoes

Suspenders, chinos and pointed leather shoes; isn’t this the best combination ever for formal parties? According to ladies men look dapper and refined in this combination. The suspenders set an upshot of a vintage look that makes men look more crisp and the world knows how much ladies love their crisp wine.

A Classic Chequered Shirt With A Blazer

Dear men, you can never go wrong with a chequered shirt and a blazer. This is the best pick if you are looking to wear something semi-formal – it goes with all occasions. You can combine it with your pair of chinos that are perfectly tapered and slightly rolled up making your ankles visible. Ahh! women won’t stop staring at this look of yours.

Long Sleeves Crew Necks With Khaki Pants

I have seen men struggling with their taste in the day to day outfits. After all, there isn’t much for men in casual wears! well, who said that? Ladies love the combination of crew neck shirt and khaki pants on men. When men roll-up those sleeves; it’s definitely an awe-sight for women.

Solid Colored Polos With Fitted Knee Length Shorts

We have already discussed how clothes influence people to perceive another person. Women love hanging out with easy going and fun guys. Polo shirts and knee length shorts send out a warm and easy going impression making a woman feel comfortable around the man she’s with.

Sport Coats

Sport coats truly personify a real man, that classic dashing man all women look for. You can rock your sport coats with any of your formals, jeans or chinos. Having a date this weekend? try a sport coat, without any doubt your lady will shower compliments on you.

Sweaters on Shirts

Who said nerdy and geeky looks doesn’t work for women? Women really find nerdy look attractive and a sweater on your shirt will totally give justice to your nerdy look. You can team it up with a tie as well. You can pull off this look for any casual event or occasion.

Choose your style, colors, patterns well and you can make any girl go weak in her knees even if you don’t have those abs to show off.