Do women like beards?

Do women like beards?
Do women like beards?
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The latest fashion for men nowadays, is to be part of beard gang. When well groomed, it appeals to both men and women.

Whether women prefer men clean-shaven or with a chin full of hair, remains subjective. I think women like beards on a man because it makes him look more masculine and mature; a man not a boy. But a badly groomed hair will drive anyone away. There are a couple of don’ts and do’s you have to follow if you want to ensure the swooning accompanied with well-kept beards.


If you are planning on kissing a girl for the first time, please remain clean-shaven. Two-day stubbles are usually sharp and give a woman rashes, plus it’s not very nice when something prickly is constantly rubbing against you. The stubble might be cute from afar, but it’s far from pleasant up close. You could grow your beard for a while before swooping in and making any moves, that way you get all the glamour and spare us the pain.


No matter the amount of growth or the beauty it heralds, there is no bigger turn off than a smelly beard. Bushy and longer beards tend to accumulate sweat so more care must be given to them than the shorter ones. There is no greater turn on than a guy who smells good. On this account, do shampoo and condition your beard; not only does it make your hair smell like a meadow but it makes it feel as soft as one too.

If you have to trim your beard, invest in a good trimmer; don’t trim your beard with a dull trimmer as this will cause the formation of split ends. Split ends mean weaker hair, and this, in turn, means that your hair breaks easily and finds its way into food, water, or worse, the girl’s mouth.

Also, never forget the power of the almighty aftershave. It moisturises your skin and leaves it soft and smelling oh-so-manly. This tiny add-on can go a long way in snagging the heart of your beloved; I know a girl who swoons every time she perceives the aftershave of her ex. Memories are tightly connected with smell perception, build stronger connections by utilizing this potent power.


Yes, I’ve spoken of this and I’ve pointed out its advantages but there are certain moisturizers you should steer clear off. Coconut oil and other fashionable oils that you may otherwise use on your beard to create a smooth feel, should be considered carefully as oils cause pimples; not just for you but also for women. If your beard is the culprit behind your partner’s pimples then you can know for sure, that she doesn’t like your beard.


There are so many beard styles in vogue now, from the goatee to a full beard to a mere stubble. Experiment with styles that suit the contour of your face. Beards are extremely subjective and your partner may prefer one style over the other. Ultimately, you alone know what suits your face shape and what you can maintain. Be creative and unleash your inner wolverine.

Beards can be incredibly sexy when done right. Since preference is subjective, you can’t go wrong by pointedly asking your partner what she thinks. If she isn’t a beard lover than sorry, but if she is, full steam ahead, sailor!