Women Empowerment – Do we really need this anymore?

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Do you think, India is a male dominating country anymore?

Women empowerment; do you think we really need this? Let me ask, be it ticket booking counters, bank counters, payment counters, jobs, metros, trains, buses, and even parliament, how many of you have seen a special treatment for men?

This is nothing but the joke of the century and you need guts to have a laugh it. I respect women, yes, I really do and I am no one to pass a judgment on all ladies, but we have to accept this bitter truth; there is a significant proportion of ladies with twisted ideologies, misusing the legal privileges and making it tougher for the genuine sufferers.

Let me start with eve-teasing and sexual harassment false cases. Reminds of the most recent case where a girl defamed a biker (Delhi Eve Teasing Case) for eve-teasing her.

Just because she was a girl, there were a few media channels who without knowing the face, certified that boy as “pervert.” People were congratulating and announcing cash rewards to the girl for her bravery.

Even a Bollywood star supported that girl. The truth was then reveled by an eye-witness who proved that real culprit was the girl; using eve-teasing only for her publicity. How sick.

There was another case of sexual harassment against a Northern Railway officer where the hon’ble court ordered the lady to pay five hundred thousand rupees for false sexual harassment case she filed 15 years ago.

Can you imagine the trauma a victim has to live with. Why the benefit of the doubt is reserved for a girl? To pass a judgment is what we have courts for and who is the media to decide anyway? I am sorry to say, but most of the media channels are working only for their TRPs and instead finding out the truth, they are fathering the truth.

Next up I want to talk about is the dowry and physical violence cases. Now this is an interesting thing. I am sorry, but I am not able to understand the real definition of dowry; if a boy or his family demands gifts and luxuries that is dowry and what justification would you give when a girl or her parents look for a boy with six figure salary, car, and house?

Isn’t it more likely a credibility check before granting loan for which he is expected to EMIs for the rest of his life. What would you call it? We know marriage is not about husband and wife and it is a relationship between families as well.

I know a few cases, in which any help from a husband to his wife’s family is considered a help. But, when a husband expects some sort of help from his in-laws family; people will immediately pronounce it as a “after marriage demand.”

The most troublesome results of such cases where things turn unfavorable for the girl or goes against her wish; “a dowry and mental harassment suit.” Not always, but this is the bitter reality behind most of such cases.

 On part of physical violence, we again have dual standards. If a woman slaps her husband or a man, we reward and regard it as bravery and when a husband or a boy does the same, it is domestic violence or an act of cowardice.

Reminds me of a case where two sisters (Rohtak sisters’ case) from state Haryana trashed a man and suddenly those two girls were crowned as braveheart girls of the state. But, after they duo failed their lie-detector test, they agreed that did it for attention.

As per the statistics, 10% of dowry cases are false and same is the case with other cases. According to honorable Supreme Court, “the country’s women are misusing a law created to protect them from harassment by their husbands and in-laws.”

The reason could be any. Most of the time, it is because of financial instability, easy publicity, rewards, career, revenge, easy money making (out of the court settlements) and causing humiliation. One lie of a ruthless lady is capable enough of making someone’s life a misery. Though there are continuous amendments made in the related ACTS, but still a man has to suffer.

This section of ladies with mean and selfish thinking failed other women who have ever stood up against sexual abuse, dowry, and domestic violence cases.