Women are fastidious – hard to please?

Women are fastidious – hard to please?
Women are fastidious – hard to please?
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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To make a woman happy is undoubtedly the hardest task. I have heard many people saying women are hard to please.

Reminds me of a joke. A fortunate man found a magical lamp. He rubbed it and a Jinn appeared. ‘Kya Hukum Mere Aaka?’ Can you make a tunnel from my place to Dubai?.” It is a hard task, my lord, it is about international borders and permissions, Jinn replied.

The man says, “Okay! Then tell me the secret to my wife’s happiness?” Jinn was so confused and after scratching his head for at least an hour, “Hmmm, tell me you want single lane tunnel or four lanes?”

Jinn further added, “Why the heck do you think I am living in this freaking lamp and not in my own mansion?” I am hiding in here because even I don’t know the answer and trust me, there is no definite answer to this riddle.

Well, jokes apart. “How to make my girl happy?” Perhaps the most searched keyword over Google.

The divorce rate is increasing and reports say it has boomed by nearly 350%. Why is this happening? Both the men and women have their own reason for this.

Typical mindset would be the right word I guess. A few days ago I was reading, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” by John Gray and I really liked a quote that goes like, “Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished.”

Men Version of The Situation

The sense of insecurity is the reason most of the men would think behind any woman’s sadness. To a man, insecurity is part of ladies’ nature and this could be because of anything.

They may get upset for praising another woman, comparing them, not complementing them for the thing they do all the time and etc. Most of the women with low self-esteem will always be looking for either a reason to make them sad or the next thing to make them feel better about themselves.

It could be a gift, a trip, or in the worst case expected, the attention of another man. For men, their unrealistic expectations are one reason behind the increasing number of LESBIANS today.

You will see most of the men saying, “I need a woman a not a baby for marrying. I don’t want to be her babysitter or counselor or therapist for rest of my life. I am after a woman with her own spine.”

Women Version of The Situation

Let us now have the other version of the story, the women version. According to them, for pleasing a woman you need to be a man enough. A few women are forced to act like the meanest creatures because of the men who behave like chauvinistic pigs.

According to them, the easiest way of pleasing any woman is to follow these three things: Listen, react and learn. Be it any woman on this motherly planet, “you need to listen to her with your both ears, react the way she wants you to and learn from the situations.”

To women, all men are egoistic creatures and taking orders from their fellow females is nothing less than an insult to them.

The Crux

According to the psychologists, both of the genders are confused with their own descriptions. Their useless attitude is not letting them see the thin line that exists between ego and self-esteem.

‘To listen’ is what a lady’s definition of a perfect husband and ‘not to listen’ is what a man’s definition of a man. Let us not make it one-sided, where one partner speaks all the time and second partner by default a listener.

It has to be a two-ways conversation. Remember, if disagreements are coming out from disagreements, then probably this is the right time for you guys to sit and talk.

No use of blaming your partner for abandoning you, if you were absent from the first place.