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Woman On Top – A Perfect Way Of Having More From The Game
Woman On Top – A Perfect Way Of Having More From The Game

Woman On Top – A Perfect Way Of Having More From The Game


To enjoy something you never had, you need to do something, you never did.

When it is about having physical pleasure through sexual activities, trying something new can really improve things and can spice up your sex life. I know, only a few woman prefer a woman on top position, but little did they know that woman on the top position has advantages that cannot be ignored.

Dear ladies, a woman on top, not only allows you to perfectly control the pace, movement, and intensity of penetration, but also position the clitoris that brings you one step closer to orgasm. So, here is how you can have a maximum out of this wonderful sexual position known as a woman on top.

1Remember breasts

If you do not know, let me tell you that breasts and nipples are among the highly sensitive zones. So, ladies, as you sit above, be sure to touch your breasts with your hands or you can always ask your partner to do so.

To take this to next level, you can lean forward in such a way that your breasts must be colliding with your boyfriend’s chest. It will be a winning move for both of you!


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2The squat

Ladies, when you are on top, make sure you are above your lover in a slightly crouched position, relying upon feet and not on knees.

This will allow you to better control the angle of penetration and intensity of movements. On the other hand, it will be easier to move and you will not get tired before the climax.

3You can use toys

Dear ladies, if you are on top, you can easily use sex toys, if you want and you can enhance pleasure for both.

You can try a vibrating ring that is designed to stimulate the clitoris, and nerve endings in the penis, thereby transforming the game of love in a special one.

4A little footwork

When you close your knees, pelvic muscle contracts and thus increase friction between the penis and vaginal walls, which has the potential to increase the enjoyment.

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5Slow and steady, wins the race

When playing love game; never make a game against time. In other words, go slowly, but planned. Try to alter your slow and fast movements with deep penetration to experience different types of stimulation.

It is all about living the moment to the fullest. Allow yourself with a plenty of time. To enjoy this moment, do not rush things.

6On the floor

Even if the bed is comfortable, the location is excellent to be implemented on the floor or on the soft carpet. Ladies! Beds are comfy and staying in a cited position for a longer duration can be very difficult. However, on the floor, where the surface is parallel, you will be much better supported. In this position, you can enjoy a deep penetration and greater freedom of movement.

7Erotic games

Ladies, when you are on top, you are the driver and you have all the controls. And, if you want to take it further, then you can have a session of some sexual games with your partner. Tie your lover’s hands and eyes. Give him surprises and don’t let him see your moves. Each touch will be surprising for him, and you’ll feel like a real expert in sex!

So, know you now, how this “woman on top” position comes with a huge scope of improvement in your sexual relationship. Do you have any on your list, please do share with us through the comment section below.