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Will You Marry A Virgin Guy or Non Virgin Guy
Will You Marry A Virgin Guy or Non Virgin Guy

Will You Marry A Virgin Guy or Non Virgin Guy

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Virginity is such an overrated topic in India. Don’t know when people will stop associating virginity as a scale of someone’s purity and impurity. Well, it’s high time that people understand that virginity is all about choice!

Some like to wait until they get married and some like to just go with the flow of emotions when they are dating somebody. If a woman marries a man who is a virgin, she will have to wait until he gets accustomed to the process of having sex, but things will for sure get fun and hot in few days. It’s the game of patience. On the other hand, if a man is not a virgin then more experience equals more fun! So, given a choice, will you marry a virgin guy or non virgin guy?

Virgin or not, men will work on the craft of having sex every day…they really want their lady to experience the best. So, my point is does it really matter? It definitely doesn’t, unless you are not ready to accept the fact that you were not his first! But woman, rest assure, you will be his last!

Let’s see what these women have to say about their first-time sex post marriage and how they dealt with their virgin or non-virgin husbands:

Harleen – We had actually spoken about this before our wedding. We have had an arranged marriage still, we were quite vocal about our sex lives. My husband was not a virgin, whereas I was! Cut short to the first time we had sex, I was petrified because of the pain I would be going through.

I’m so thankful to my husband, he managed my fear so lovingly, it was little painful but quite smooth. I actually enjoyed it because he knew exactly how to make his moves.

Kritika – Both of us were inexperienced and our first night was a disaster (Laughs). After a lot of trying, we thought of just making love and then we dozed off. We are actually getting better and better now to the point that I never fail to get an orgasm. Both of us love to experiment and many times we even laugh about how we started off. We are really proud of us now (Laughs).

Jasmine – Oh, we actually dated for like 5 years before we got hitched so obviously there was no question about how the wedding night sex went. We were sexually active long before we got married so the wedding night sex went awesome as usual.

Richa – In our case, I was the experienced one and he was a virgin when we got married. I didn’t find our first time dull at all. We actually had this hot steamy night and just went with the flow. He knew what would make me happy. Actually, sex is programmed naturally into humans, you don’t really have to teach how to do it (Laughs).

Kajal – My husband was quite experienced in this department when we got married, so I was not at all worrying about our first time. I was quite calm because I knew he’ll handle everything and make things comfortable for me.

So, marrying a virgin man or an experienced, both come with it own perks. If experience can make you a perfect lover, then inexperience about something means a lot of suspense. In my opinion, it is about the love you share and trust you have as a couple that matters the most. If I am not good at something, I can always learn things.

Virgin or not, it just doesn’t make any difference. Once you get married, your man is going to be yours forever! Cherish your present and look forward to your bright future.