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Why you should not buy cheap clothes
Why you should not buy cheap clothes

Why You Should Not Buy Cheap Clothes

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. They are made of cheap ingredients.
  2. They lack 'wow-factor'
  3. Quality wise; they suck.

How many times has it happened that you bought items especially clothes not because you needed it, but because it was at a modest price?

In this consumerist society, people have formed their impulse to buy something just because it’s a small price. Stacks of unused clothing does not seem to be a serious problem, but it affects all of us more than we could imagine.

The first impression of buying cheap clothes is that we had cracked an awesome deal. At the price of one branded shirt, I managed to buy three inexpensive shirts; it gives us a feeling of being the best bargainer. But, do you know you are actually messing up your closet with gathered piles of clothes? And, every morning you sigh and say “I did not what to wear.”

Unfortunately, buying cheap clothes is not without negative consequences. This argument is not just about “quantity versus quality”. If you do a simple calculation, you’d realize that we do not save money by buying cheap, but waste a lot. However, the problem is even deeper than that and affect us to a completely different level.

People always ask, why branded clothes are expensive as compared to non-branded clothes. Well, the secret of selling clothes at a very low cost is to produce in large quantities using inexpensive and shoddy materials. Another ingredient is the use of cheap labor from poor countries. In addition, there is a strong impact on the environment due to excessive production of textiles.

Expensive clothes are higher prices because they are made quality ingredients like silk, cotton, linen. All these are expensive and natural materials, which is why branded clothing will cost more. Yes! Branding expenses are also included; no denial.

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Explore the gallery. What an awesome collection of jumpsuits, wide leg jeans, bomber jackets, faux fur jacket, edge to edge blazers, shoulder stain blazer, and many more other items. In addition, I really like the accessories collection here especially bags and purses, heeled and flat ankle boots (especially velvet heeled ankle boots), knit hats, beanies, and jewelry.

Not everyone can afford expensive clothes and quality, but quality always costs more. Also, not every brand that is available in the market, selling quality products. Do not fall into the trap of buying expensive clothes just because they belong to a particular company.

Always look for quality, good cut, and not the name that you can trust.