Why Women Like Bad Boys

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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So many girls fall in love with the wrong guys simply because the wrong guy usually says all the right things.

Ever wondered why girls are attracted to bad boys or why do girls like bad boys? Why would they prefer to have a relationship with an impulsive, egocentric, narcissist or irresponsible boy?

The logic is simple: because these attributes are interesting and help those boy in standing out.

These features like originality, free spirit, confidence, boldness and a rebel air, are highly valued by people in general.

And, another fact is – girls who fear the outer world are the one who choose such men.

Do You Know – Talking about the people with various behavioral problems, for example, neurotic and impulsive, have more relationships, multiple partners, and more children than those with behavioral disorders.

Yet, most of the girls like bad boys. Here is why girls are attracted to bad boys –

1The Bad Boys Stand Out

There is a large group of people who believe that you will only stand out if you are the one whom people notice first. Of course the most different and unusual and, the bad guys know how to make a great note.

Talk loudly, dress differently, are very bold and not afraid of the consequences. The first step you need to do as a man to conquer a woman is to be noticed.

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2The Bad Boys Don’t Cry For Self-Respect

No one respects a doormat. Actually, women don’t like men whom they can control and when you don’t respect someone, there is no chance of attraction.

If you are a nice guy, who have no demands and no wish of controlling your partner, then, I am sorry my friend, but you won’t be shortlisted.

Girls like those boys who don’t let women walk over them; in short, they want a guy who loves to be in the driver seat and not on the passenger seat.

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3The Bad Boys Trust Them

Confidence is a trait that not only women, but also men find irresistible when looking for a life partner.

And, who can seem more confident than a person who disregards the rules, who knows exactly what he wants and does not care that what he has to do to get that thing done?

Girls like those boys who play on the front-foot and not those who play defensive strokes.

4The Bad Boys Have Success And Power

The combination of impulsiveness, narcissism, selfishness and determination is one in most situations. But, it seems that this exact cocktail is necessary for success, according to the researchers.

These behavioral disorders share a good coordination with business, career and money. And, even if you admit it or not, women are designed to feel attracted to men who can provide material comfort.

5The Bad Boys Are Rebels

Bad guys have dare to do everything that the rest of us would seem unthinkable. The bad guys are considered rebels and nonconformists, which makes them very interesting for women.

Boldness and courage to behave in a manner completely opposite to what is expected, make them the number one contender for the women. Their nature of violating things without a trace of unfavorable judgment are the elements that turn bad guys into people very “cool”.

And, the more a man is popular, the greater his chances of attracting the interest of several women.

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6The Bad Boys Make Women Feel Needed

Unlikely good guys, bad guys are usually the one who needs to be fixed. And, this is what all women want; they want to feel needed. Bad boys represent themselves as a ‘project’ that need consistent fixation and modification.

This is what makes a woman thinks that without her presence ‘a perfect man’ cannot be created and she won’t leave him ever.

7The Bad Boy Seems Strong Genes

Bad boys mean strong genes and with their behavioral traits they simply explicit that they are barely concerned about any sort of separation. Unlike nice guys, who fear to lose a woman, bad guys are exactly opposite and this is what crowns them as a winner.

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8The Bad Boys Are Free From Commitment Fever

Nice guys are always after commitments and nowadays, most of the women are interested in NSA (nonstring attached).

In the case of a bad boy, a woman is sure about quitting him any time she wants because she knows that she can never get close enough to him.

They know, the can enjoy this scope of freedom and that too without any pain or troubles only with bad boys.

9The Bad Boys Are Good In Bed

No wonder, if we talk about history, it is always men who have protected women in all manners. In the case of bad boys, they successfully deliver an illusion of protecting their ladies, which is not in the case of nice guys as they play defensively.

Many ladies think that nice guys are not nice in bed and bad boys are really good in bed. According to the experts, women sometimes want to be manhandled (kinky stuff) and with nice guys, they don’t get their job done.

Nice guys are always shy and they fall short of words (praises and flattery) when most needed. Unlike bad boys who know what exactly the woman wants to listen, the nice guys abstain themselves from these emotional and romantic showoffs.

To sum up, all I want to say is – a perfect guy is someone between nice and bad.