Why smart people fail in life?

Why intelligent people fail in life
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

“Smart people are not always successful in their life,” they say. Seems funny, but this is a reality.

Be it any corner of the world, success is not at all about your intelligence or how smart you are with your things. According to the experts, it is your attitude that designs your fate. This is why not all the smart people get to taste success. Why it happens so? Despite, excellent knowledge and skills, why do smart people live a troubled life; full of sorrows, regrets and sometimes jealousy as well. Let us explore a few secrets behind it and hope by the end of this article, you will be able to judge things.

Smart People Are Idiots

Yes, some smart people are stupid enough. Smart people do not understand that the universe operates according to one principle relatively simple: action and reaction. If you throw a rock at the window, it is going to break the glass. By just imagining or thinking, the window glass is not going to shatter. It needs some actions. In other words, it is not the plans that define the level of success, but execution plays an important role as well. Well, it’s amazing how many people do not cling to this phase. The action is the main ingredient for success. If you do nothing, nothing is going to happen by itself.

Smart People Think Too Much

If a fool wants to go from point A to point B, without any planning he will start immediately and later in the afternoon he will reach at a point and plan accordingly. His journey is already a halfway. Whereas, a clever man who wants to get from point A to point B, he will first do an analysis of possible routes and unexpected situations that may arise in their path and make plan A, plan B, and plan C i.e. backup. A clever man will always have a flowchart of things like on his walk, should there be a wall, he then will either climb or dig a tunnel. He will plan in advance, what tools he needs to take with him and what security tips he must not overlook. All he will have – plans and these dilemmas of choosing the tool, choosing the road, choosing the time, results of action A; finally, he is going to get bored and before even starting, he will give up. Again, when there is no action, you cannot expect a reaction.

Smart People Get Bored Quickly

Having an idea and implementing it without thinking much about the results like offering free chocolates to every first customer who brings a kid with him on Wednesday morning; for an intelligent man, this idea is nothing, but utter nonsense. Paradoxically or not, it is just about building a brand through consistency. However, when it is about smart people, they are not at all consistent with ideas and thoughts. They want to try them all, moving from one to another in a short time, without giving them time to develop. Finally, they will fail with every idea of there. Smart people will remain confused throughout their life and instead asking, what they did, they will keep asking, “what else can I do for better results? Wish I have tried that idea and so on!”

Smart People Want To Change The World

The dumbest idea you can have. The universe is 13 billion years. How old are you? 18, 23, 27? What makes you think that you can change the way the universe works. What makes you think you can change human nature. Give it a thought dear, don’t you think there are millions out there whom the world had tried over many generations before you. If you think you’re the only smartest person, the one who thinks that there is a problem with this universe and must be solved, and you think you can accomplish this change, then, let me tell you, you are as dumbest as others. I know, sitting on the terrace with a beer, and criticizing government policies or debating over political issues is easy. But, pardon me, the Universe does not Give a damn about your idea.

Smart people Are Communists

No surprise, but a fact and a natural effect. Smart people do a lot of schools and school is a place that implants socialist ideas in your head. Ideas like how to make money, how to save tax, how to help poor, how to do social work, how to be generous and so on. In essence, smart people want to help. But, is it logically possible? Smart people are always confused on this issue. Let me ask you, how many pieces of a pizza do you think you can share with hungry people? Also, do you think you can share your meal with someone without worrying about your hunger? For a day or two, it seems okay, but for the lifetime, not possible and even not logical. In other terms, I would like to say, should you want more money and success, do like rich people do or stop crying and stop behaving like communists. It is like , you like the lifestyle of a pop singer, but you hate his music. Of course, success cannot be measured in monetary terms, but a lot of things boil down to money if you think about it in-depth; your bank balance speaks about your success.

Smart People Deny Reality

This is also related to previous ideas, fighting the present situation i.e. trying to change the world for the better. “Company is earning so much, they must reconsider employee salaries. The state is collected so much of tax. There has to be a lot more facilities for the inhabitants. Who cares? Do you think, state rulers don’t know these things and only you have the ideas of improving things?” Not at all. The reality is as follows: the sky is blue, the grass is green and the color of heaven is no one’s business. State minister does not care if you think that he should wear a pink tie be pink because that would suit his shirt. If you think grass would look more eye-soothing if of pink color, it is your idea of natural beauty. But, the reality is different, and reality does not change just because your think the other way around. Accept reality and adjust yourself instead ideological fight against things! Neither you can change human nature nor you can control what other people do and think all the time.

Smart People Are Afraid Of The Judgment Of Others

Imagine, you are on a stage, with spotlights directed at you and the audience is pointing and laughing at you. That’s what smart people imagine when they are asked to display or promote their work or ideas. I know many smart people who won’t design anything because they are so scared of people’s judgment about their work. They won’t expose their art. To them, their work is not good enough to show the world. They live in this fear, and they skip many opportunities of making money. Finally, they die with their skills.

Smart People Do Not Have Guts

If the main ingredient of success is action, nerve coming up in 2nd place. Most confrontations are won with guts, not right or argumentative logic. Again, this is a reality that we must accept. Try a test, go to the corner shop and buy a packet of biscuits. Get out, open the package, eats three biscuits then go back into the store and ask for your money back. I guarantee that in 95% – should you show some anger, high tone, threats of Consumer Protection, you will for sure get your money (with a few exceptions). That does not mean you should be rude, but to understand one simple thing: do x, get y or sit pouting and whining, get nothing. Smart people are too honest, too modest, too shy that they show no guts, no initiative, seeking always a warm place to work state, where no need to prove anything. An intelligent person will prefer to work on low-level jobs with no stress, no responsibility until retirement. The best thing is – they live in a bubble that they are superior, special, simply because they are more intelligent and honest than others. What a joke? Honesty brings you money, but guts bring you incentives.

Smart people are the hypocrite to an extent. You always see them saying that they don’t need money because money has nothing to do with success and so on. But, at the same time, you will see them crying for not making enough money in their life. Their life or the lives associated with them are miserable. You will often hear them saying that why others have a lot of money when they do not deserve because they are stupid.

Finally, I would say that you must decide what you want from life and then you can choose how you should be acting. Always respect your decisions and never live a life full of double thoughts.