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Why Prostitution is Growing And Becoming Glamorous

Why Prostitution is Growing And Becoming Glamorous in India

Vishakha Rawal

Vishakha Rawal

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  1. A money-making business.
  2. Hidden yet so open.
  3. What makes the business flourish.

‘Madame please make yourself comfortable. Sir will be with you shortly. Her heart was throbbing, she really wanted to close the deal badly. Again there was a knock on the door. ‘Thank you, I don’t have much time…what are you best at? just make me happy…’ Thereafter, he was her regular customer… 

Here we are trying to ban paid sex and prostitution is growing and becoming glamorous in India. Who should we blame here? Movies like Pretty Woman? The glamorized life of a prostitute portrayed in the movie was quite provoking and promising for all those women entering into this profession to find their Mr. Richie Rich, who by the way also falls in love!

Prostitutes have always been seen by one end of a spectrum as a victim of human trafficking and sex slavery. Yes, there’s a lot of difference between “sex slavery” and “sex worker”. Sex workers are the one’s who are most probably in the profession due to their will. Many men and women are into prostitution because of their choice. Well, kind of career choice, I should say.

Again, there’s a “street prostitution” and there’s this “high-end prostitution”. The high-end prostitution is totally another end of the spectrum. In the high-end prostitution, they have this classy clientele from politicians to film stars.

Mostly the sex-workers get to sleep with such dignified people and if the connection is formed they get an opportunity to settle down with them…kind of “Honey with Money” case!

It is really disturbing to see the heights prostitution is reaching to. Many in the business claim that if a porn industry can be glamorous then why can’t be prostitution industry? After all, the purpose they serve is almost the same to quite an extent. Porn and prostitution are like different branches of the same tree.

So, why is this happening? The industry and the professionals in it are so very looked down upon yet it’s still a part of a glamour world where they are making lots of money. We have figured out few reasons that can back up the growing trend of prostitution:


Undoubtedly the primary reason is money. The women in this profession are from the economically challenged background. This financial setback can be because of their family background or as a result of their choice for a lavish lifestyle. This profession attracts them to make easy money to support their family and live lavishly.

There’s no supply without a demand

Rule of thumb is, Supply goes where in there’s a lot of Demand. The same rule is applicable to the prostitution industry. Rich, middle-class, poor – they all want it and they all know how they can get it. The industry is so much hidden yet so very open. Everybody knows about the dark alleys of this quagmire, but prefer to seal their lips. Buying sex is not a big deal. After all varieties and options can really spoil you.

Sex and curiosity

Many young women if not forcibly, enter to this dark world in the name of sexual urges. The same is applicable to young men in India. Many young men have claimed that they first went to a hooker just for the sake of curiosity and then they never stopped.

Higher contacts

Since many rich people are involved in this business, there’s a lot of money involved and there are many chances of building higher contacts. Many uneducated women choose money over dignity to live lavishly so that they can provide a better life for their family.

The society is getting liberal by welcoming porn stars open-heartedly but are we ready to accept prostitutes as well? Is this going to be the next big social change?