Indian Hypocrites And Love – Why is Love So Hard To Maintain

Indian Hypocrites And Love - Why is Love So Hard To Maintain
Indian Hypocrites And Love - Why is Love So Hard To Maintain
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Often people ask me this question, why is love so hard to maintain, nowadays? Be it with siblings or beloved ones, why are relationships becoming riddles? Is it true that real love is only a matter of books and stories?

The speed at which we are increasingly materialistic and growing, I am afraid that even a single family will be destroyed like a joint family. In the coming days, like in western countries, it is certain to increase the loneliness of patients in our country too. Where Western countries are becoming convinced of our civilization, they are very shy to say that we are bent on raping the same day of civilization. We have made the basis of our lives for personal interests, falsehoods, pretensions, greed, jealousy, hatred, racism, and hypocrisy. In such circumstances, talking about true love and expecting it, there is nothing except stupidity.

There is no doubt that in our country morning in every house starts with hymns, and thoughts on the verses of religious texts. In the morning, be it our homes, offices, trains, buses, shops and streets, the first 2 to 3 hours are reserved for these religious sermons. Sometimes, I wonder what if a foreigner passes by? I am sure he is going to feel that Indian people are very religious.

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But, as the day progresses, he will notice a huge transformation in our personalities. Most of us can be seen as perfect examples of cheaters, dishonest, and a people with sick mentality. We begin to expose the hidden animal inside ourselves. In the terms of showing off, we have broken all records. Whether it is about religious ceremonies or personal, you can easily find out the biggest culprit; the more sinister, the more artsy-craftsy.

In comparison to those, I prefer an atheist, who does not show off and present himself in his true form. I have met with many people who are so professional in showing-off that even scholars get confused. Love for God is nothing more than a way of making money for them. In such a situation, where the eyes of greed and selfishness are not ready to spare the sacred temples and mosques, then there remains no question of true love.

Even in the siblings, we barely see love these days that we used to see before. Now, the strength of a brother and sister’s bond is not a matter of love and faith, but the share of the property. In festivals like Raksha-Bandhan, there is no place for silk yarns (Raksha Bandhan) anymore. They are being replaced by expensive bracelets. And, love for sisters is now measured on the basis of the return gifts’ value. With a few exceptions, in most cases, this is the reality. The costlier the gift, the bigger the pray.

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Let’s talk about couples, now. This relationship is also not far from the heat of materialism. Finance is one among the other major reason behind the breakup of relationships that falls into this category.

In last few decades, we have seen a steep fall in the moral values as well. Regardless of men or women, we are victims of betrayal, greed, deception, fret, lust, and selfishness.

Women are not way less than men, in any sense, when it comes to forming illicit relationships. False cases of dowry harassment, rape, molestation or blackmailing are not a new story. Women also left no stone unturned in misusing women empowerment.

Many men have lost their lives due to these false cases. In many cases, it has also been seen that mutual physical relationships are used as an evidence of physical abuse when things go wrong. I am not saying that all cases are false, but due to some opportunistic women, other needy females are made to suffer.

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Deterioration of the moral values of men is also increasing. Some men feel no shame in forming an illegitimate relationship with ladies other than their wife, rather they consider this as an act of masculinity. It is often said by some women that their lover keeps on pressuring them for sex. Their lover emotionally blackmails them to have sex and threatens to defame them, if refused. It is a shame, but many men do not even refrain from playing with the life of a girl, just to satisfy their lust. These kinda males can be anything, but not men. Is it that difficult to understand the difference between cheapness and masculinity?

Honor killing is seen an act of bravery in our country. The biggest sadness is that those who kill people in the name of caste, they represent themselves as custodians of their caste and by doing so, they prove their love for their caste. Bitter but it is true that in many parts of India, human beings are still identified with their caste.

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We debate a lot on equality, but on the other side, many of us leave no chance of beating the drum of being born in the high caste. Knowing this is not a personal decision of being born in a higher or lower caste, we keep killing humans as sheep and goats. We are desperate to end the reservation but not the reason for reservation (caste). In such a situation, the act of true love does not seem to be less than a joke.

In the end, I would like to say that love is not so difficult to maintain, but to change the mindset of people about love is a hard thing. Whether it is love with people, animals or with God, expecting true love without inner-transformation is a myth.

Love is a feeling that can be realized only when the verses of religious books are not only understood correctly but implemented in true life.