Sleep Deprivation – Why Good Sleep is Important

Sleep enough will make you sleep for longer years
Sleep enough will make you sleep for longer years
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“Yawning is a contagious word, the moment you mention it, you will Yawn.” Chance are there while reading this you might yawn for at least once.

Scientists are trying their levels best in unraveling the mystery behind Yawning, however, ruling out ‘sleepiness’ as a cause among others like fatigue, oxygen deprivation is not possible either. The question that pops-up here is, am I suffering from sleep deprivation? People have their own stories about minimum or maximum sleeping hours.

Ask anyone, for how long you should sleep and the answers will be more likely a group of blind people explaining an elephant by touching its various body parts; nothing definite.

Actually, according to National Sleep Foundation, it varies from age to age. A newborn may need 14-17 hours, whereas, 7-9 hours for an oldie are good enough.

Unbeknownst to many of us, if you are not sleeping enough, you are risking the biggest asset you have, “health”. Let me tell you a few jaw-dropping serious effects of not sleeping enough.

Don’t buy Jokes for others

A wide open mouth every now and then and behaving like a lazy cow after grazing a whole lot of grass, will surely dumb you down. Lack of sleep has a direct impact on cognitive processes.

Impaired attention and lack of concentration are equal to you are gifting a chance to your opponents to have a giggle on your poor decisions.

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You cannot be a ‘Rocket Singh,’ Joker in the first half and stupendously successful entrepreneur in the remaining movie; it is no Bollywood here.

Sleep loss means time to buy a medical insurance

You might be enjoying watching YouTube late night movies or surfing the internet on your smartphone, but in reality, you are buying serious conditions like heart attacks, high blood-pressure, stroke, diabetes, irregular heart-beat and many more.

Sleep loss is becoming a reason behind most of the traffic accidents. Snooze and Booze while driving, both kills. If you are not sleeping enough, better buy a medical insurance, you may be in the need of one anytime.

Insomnia and Depression

Insomnia i.e. sleeping less than required is one among the other culprits behind a depressed soul. Not sleeping well may cause serious impacts on relationships as well.

Researchers proved, a person deprived of a good sleep is someone who is always tired, irritated, and depressed for the reason. His half heart contribution in society will finally outshine him as an isolated personality with a poor quality of life.

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Sleep specialists are of the opinion that that sleep-deprived men or women report lower libidos and less interest in sex. All these will result in a stressed relationship.

To sum-up, sleep enough and die happy.