Testosterone And Human Behavior – Why Modern Women Behave Like Men

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Give it a dig, you will find countless journals and articles about gender equality. Women are now walking hand in hand and no doubt you can see them doing everything the way males do. Ever wondered what make modern women behave like men. Is it all about psychology only or there are some medical reasons behind it.

Take a closer look and think about it – The ratio of young ladies visiting beauty salon or hair laser treatment centers is comparatively higher than older ladies in the age group of the 50s’ and the 60’s.

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Besides being shy there could be some other reasons as well. If you observe closely you will notice that the number of cases where woman are found with unwanted male characteristic like excessive hair growth (especially on the face), heavy voice (not many of us know, male speak at 65-260 hertz and for a female this frequency is 100 to 525 hertz), physic, male behavior, aggressiveness, uncontrollable liking for male things like clothing etc., are booming.

Medical science is consistently researching for the reason behind this shift and so far they believe, it is all about high testosterone level in women.

What is Testosterone?

An androgen steroid hormone (chemical substance or chemical messengers) with which male sexuality is linked. This hormone affects the growth of normal male sexual organs, male voice, facial and pubic hair growth, and it is essential for determining the sexual behavior of men. In females, having a right level of this hormone is important in order to ensure proper functioning of the ovaries, libido and bone strength.

What is the right testosterone level?

Be it a female or a male, testosterone levels depend on the age; during early adulthood and adolescence, levels are at their highest. According to National Institutes of Health, for a female it is 30 to 95 nanograms per deciliter (ng/DL) and for a male, it is 300 to 1200 ng/DL.

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Effects of Abnormal testosterone level in females

There could be many devastating effects, should you see the abnormal level of this hormone in the test results. Hair loss, unwanted hair growth i.e., hirsutism, acne, weight gain, unwanted aggressiveness, irregular menstrual cycle, are results of high testosterone level.

If you are noticing fatigue, hot flashes, low or decreased sex drive, depression, and loss of muscle mass or strength, emotional changes, low-self-confidence, lack of motivation, change in sleep pattern; you are suffering from low testosterone level.

Reasons behind high testosterone level

Low testosterone levels are common and with proper medication women can get their life back. However, high testosterone level is a nightmare because it is not very common.

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The reasons behind increased level of testosterone in women are PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Adrenal Disease, Diabetes, dwarfism, gigantism, cushing’s syndrome, thyroid disorders, Conn’s syndrome, Acromegaly and Adrenal or ovarian tumor.

How can I get myself checked

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, see a doctor. They will perform a blood test and generally it is performed in the morning when testosterone level is highest.

In case you are on any prescription, you should tell your doctor before the test. In case that medication has to do anything with testosterone levels, Dr. may advise you to stop.