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Why do we Indians are so scared of talking about sex

Photo Credit: matusfi via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Second largest population we are in the world, but talking about sex openly is something we still considered  a blasphemy.

Most of us pretend that sex doesn’t exist at all although we are a nation of more than 1.2 billion. Give it a try, ask an Indian if he watches porn, buy a condom or having a debate on pros and cons of masturbation, the expected answer will be, “Shut-up, you pervert. None of your business.

Don’t you have anything else to talk about?” Explore the history, you will discover that India played a significant role in the history of sex; watch out for Ajanta Caves and Wikipedia “Kamasutra” written sometime in the 3rd century by Vatsyayana Mallanaga (north Indian scholar).

With this write-up by no means we want to promote any of such thing, however, our concern is, why a few of us still want to keep oneself at a distance from such topic? We all know how most of the boyfriends and girlfriends are these days.

“We have limits on discussion, but not on our actions.” Reminds me of a funny incident, “A guy entered a chemist shop and asked for Moods. The shopkeeper said, “Are not you Mr. Sharma’s Son?

Guy instantly said, “Sorry uncle, not moods, but moov.” Even the parents know what their kids are up to, yet, should they ask any question or share an incident about sex, “you shameless! Are you out of your mind?.

I have seen parents reacting to their teens’ questions about, “how they were born and why they cannot talk about any particular topic.” The most prompt reply will be, “you are not that young to discuss all these things.” It is not that we have this twisted analogy only for kids.

We are even shy of having an open dialogue with our partner as well. How many couple can admit if they have watched porn when they were not married? For many of us, talking about porn is like we have committed a crime. Mentality plays the role.

Be it a husband or wife, no one dares to initiate a talk on such topic because the one who will start is going to be labeled as a promiscuous person. We start doubting about the integrity of each other. Why it happens only in India, “on video streaming websites like YouTube, trailers of the movies with Adult certificate have views in millions in comparison to other religious or educational videos.”

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We are Indians and we don’t want any discussion on this topic because we love living in the bubble that we are pious. Behind that false piousness of ours, there lives a repressed desire for sex.

No offense, most of us are living a dual life irrespective of any age group; a life which later on is going to be full of hypocrisy. Many Indians always question that what is good and meaningful about discussing sex?

Even top most doctors and politicians share the same thoughts. Perhaps this was the reason behind a second time shift in the consent age from 18 to 16 and then again to 18.

There could be many reasons that make us mum when any sex related question is asked. As per experts, the mindset of our society about sex is very typical and any discussion on such is not only awkward, but impossible.

No proper vocabulary, no proper sex education, immediate tagging of a person (as a pervert), a lot of sex myths, and countless negative believes about this area, are a few reasons behind this mindset. With this article, we do not want to propose anything.

We do not impose any of our views either. The sole idea is, are we ready for the change and how that change can be introduced, if possible?