Why Do People Not Reply To Texts Or Chat Messages 

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. It's their wish to reply or not.
  2. They don't like you as a person.
  3. They are trying to avoid the person.

If They Are Not Replying, Probably They Don’t Want To

“I have messaged him, but not received any reply yet.” In such cases, there are only three possibilities; message not delivered, delivered but not read, and lastly read but intentionally ignored. However, still I have no idea, why do people not reply to texts or chat messages?

Be it any case, it leads to frustration, doubts, confusions and aggression. There used to be a time when my messages were treated the same; people use to take ages before replying and sometimes, they don’t bother replying at all.

Those were the times when I used to ask a lot of questions to me about the text receiver; he no longer respects me, I am not longer important to him, he is playing games with me, he wants to ignore me, he is politicking with me, and so on.

So, why do people take longer than delivering a baby before replying? Are they habitual or it is only with you. If habitual, then better to call them and ask things. In another case, you need to make your mind clear about these below-cited points.

Countless times people make excuses for not replying back like – “Oh Yah! I got your message, but before I could shoot a reply, my phone battery died. Another one is – I was heck busy and my boss was standing on my head and by the time I was free, texting you back completely skipped out of my mind.

There are a few funny ones – I was out of internet pack. My phone was out of balance. I was out of internet connectivity. You know how poor signals we have on my side of work.

I never received your message (even they know that you got delivered report). I got so many messages a day; you should have called me (as if they don’t check their messages). Here are a few more reason behind their delayed replies.

You Might Have Started This Ignoring Game

Explore you phone backups; who started this hide-and-seek game. He might not be replying to you because you did the same to him. It is a tit-for-tat. No one is that free to entertain me if I am ignoring others. Don’t expect me to forgive you all the time; even dead bodies have a certain amount of ego.

They Don't Find It Worth Replying

Now, this one is directly an insult to you. They don’t find your message worth replying. In other words, they believe your proposal is not worth considering.

That proposal might be of utmost important nature for you, but they don’t consider you that important. So, no question arises of your proposal’s importance. Dear buddy, it is time for rescheduling your contact book.

They Enjoy Putting You On Hold

Interesting, isn’t it? They enjoy putting you on hold; keep guessing and stay frustrated. They know the importance of your proposal, but they intentionally put you on hold because they get a kick out it. They want you to react and out of that reaction, they will bargain.

They will put you in a situation, where either you have to accept their proposal or face an automatic rejection.

Next time, you won’t be able to blame them for not helping you and they have all the chances to keep you under their feet for the help (with personal benefits on priority) delivered. A win- win situation.

Well, to an extent these kinds of excuses are understandable. But, if you are served with these one-liners all the time, then you must consider it an intentionally well-planned insult of yours and a way of skipping you and your concerns all the time.

Instead of getting frustrated, feeling low and being around a self-centered personality for whom you are just a random phone number; dear friends, you need to resort your priorities about these kinda people.