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For many of us, be it a male or female, masturbation is an artificial way of experiencing orgasm. Quite an amazing fact, but we can help ourselves and get rid of the internal pressure.

The area experts have their own opinions, despite their research papers that claim that there is nothing wrong in masturbation, and nothing unnatural, yet there are few who think it has something to do a person’s self-esteem and is a sign of high libido. Let us learn a few interesting facts about Masturbating and why people masturbate?

Dependence on masturbation

Because someone may be literally addicted to masturbation, which will masturbate daily or even several times a day. Dependence can progress to such a stage that the individual will not be able to help oneself and he/she will masturbate irrespective or his/her privacy.

From that stage of dependence, one will not be ashamed of relieving oneself practically everywhere regardless of whether they are not just happen to be around other people. I have read a lot about people doing it in public places.

Masturbation replacing real lovemaking

What is the purpose of masturbation? In the case of masturbation, we cannot talk about the proximity of the other person, like tenderness or touches. Masturbation is replaced by love that just cannot be because our counterpart is not home or is busy, not in the mood, not in need of health, mental state, etc.

Masturbation could be called poor substitute of love because here it is mainly about achieving individual orgasm. Such masturbation may take only a few minutes , while lovemaking lasts for several minutes. Masturbation achieve a much shorter time orgasm than when making love with their partner.

However, some individuals come to like masturbation to that extent that they prefer masturbation over classic lovemaking. In simpler terms, masturbation is actually killing the real lovemaking and spoiling relationships.

The normal frequency of masturbation

What can be considered the normal frequency of masturbation? Is it perhaps once a week, once a fortnight? Or is still normal, when you do well once a day? And if one day we feel the need to get rid of excess pressure several times, it is no longer necessary to worry that defy normal, and something with us is wrong? Firstly, it must be said that everyone has completely different needs.

On a daily masturbation is nothing wrong. In life are also times when even repeated masturbation in one day, yet nothing about abnormal phenomenon.

Stress relief, tension with the help of masturbation

Medical research says that stress, tension, feelings of anxiety, all are related to the feeling of our personal discomfort. And this the amount of increased stress, tension, anxiety, we can easily eliminate by masturbation.

Some say, masturbation can also help in getting rid of headaches. If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, falling asleep, then you can masturbate and it can help you with a faster and sweeter sleep.

Masturbation is also suitable for strengthening immunity. It also increases the amount of endorphins. We could say that masturbation can be regarded as a universal panacea for all psychological.

But, excessive masturbation means a number of health difficulties; each drug may have side-effects if used too often, in large quantities.

Side-effects of masturbation

What side-effects can you possibly expect when you masturbate more than what is considered fine? One of the side-effects, however, can be considered premature ejaculation. If you masturbate more often you won’t be able to enjoy a longer experience of lovemaking, and this applies to both men and women.

The point is – after getting addicted to it, you will reach the top only through their own actions and the probabilities are quite high. Despite your partner’s experience, skillfulness, yet one may find difficulty in reaching orgasm. Such an individual love can then become a source of frustration, misunderstandings, quarrels.

Fatigue as a result of masturbation

It is no coincidence, be it a male or female, we fall asleep after sex. Orgasm is when the body feels free of stress, and bring required relief. The brains and the body remember this spiral. When there is tension, or when there is stress, then search the brains for a way to blow off steam.

On the other side it may results in excessive fatigue. An individual who masturbates quite often, would like to have it every time he wants to relax or even nap. The more often one will masturbate, and even several times a day, he/she is actually pushing oneself to a mental and physical disorder. Such an individual finds himself in a vicious circle that has no beginning and no end. Getting out of that circle is not easy as well.

People who think that through masturbation only they can get rid of their internal surges, they actually get tired after excessive masturbation, thus poor stream of consciousness and poor result.

The influence of masturbation on the private and professional life

Masturbation can then have a negative impact on private as well as professional life. A healthy rate of masturbation does not harm individuals, but after marriage, we have to reckon with the fact that excessive masturbation will deteriorate relationship and career.

The excessive masturbation is that you are no longer available to have sex with your partner because for you, masturbation is in fact many times easier. Most importantly, it is about your own goals while masturbating. If you masturbate more often than you have sex with a partner while you’re in a relationship, then you know yourself that something is wrong.

The moment you subtract prefers sex with a partner, then you have a real problem. Within a relationship, sex is not just a pleasant side-effect. It is a must.

The addiction of Masturbating

The final effects go a bit further. People who masturbate excessively, can become addicted to masturbating. Now there is soon a slight form of addiction if the act frequently and compulsively runs, but this step goes a little further.

The men/women feel incomplete, sad and aimless when they have not deducted a short period. They need masturbation to feel good. This obviously has to do with the substances in the brains.

The people who become obsessed with masturbation, they have an uncontrolled and compulsive urge for doing so. This means that they cannot work, cannot function in society and cannot have sex with other people.

Erection problems through excessive deductions

Ultimately, this may lead to erectile problems. Because the stimuli during masturbation both easier and more intense, you do not have enough of the excitement that you can get your girlfriend or partner.

In addition, you will feel a certain amount of guilt towards your partner. Because you masturbate regularly, but no intention of real sex, you will turn your partner on.

If you do not do it too often, you have no guilt. You go over to the relief between. Pull you more than you have sex with your partner, then this guilt feeling can worsen your problems.

Finally I would say, There is no way you can make the risk of excessive deductions disappear. The only way that exists, namely, is to stop the excessive subtraction. When you do it compulsively, it is not advisable to completely stop it on immediate basis.

Go and look for the reason of your actions. Are you dissatisfied with the sex and therefore save your hand to yourself?

If you think masturbation is a solution, then let me tell, you have found a strange solution because it is much better to spend time and attention to your sex life to make it that way again to make fun for both of you.