Why do people breakup? Probable reason behind separation.

Why do people breakup – Probable reason behind separation
Why do people breakup – Probable reason behind separation
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Relationships are becoming a matter of vows and momentary sentiments that sometimes lasts for a few years only. Unfortunately, not all relationship end, at a ripe age, “when death does us part.”

Why a few relationships are destined for a premature death unlike a few others that celebrates golden jubilees? There comes a time in every couple’s life when they are forced to have an encounter with the bitter realities of life and their dreams of being a perfect couple are shattered like a glass vase. After a long series of agreements and disagreement blames and stigmas, and an expected outburst of unspoken emotions; everything reaches to its end – breakup. Thought, breaking up a relationship is not an easy thing to do, especially, when it is someone for whom we have already developed an addiction. But, it is better to be alone than being with a moron, they say. Why do people breakup is my point of discussion for today.

The Disappearance of Love

The phrase “do not love you anymore” is hard, disarms and unfortunately, it’s a reflection of the truth. When love ends in a relationship for any reason, it is useless to continue the relationship, it would only cause pain. No point of being with someone who is not ready to give the shit about how you feel and what disturbs you the most. The disappearance of love from a relationship is more likely cancer, no matter what you do, it is going to kill you anyway. We know, you cannot force anyone to love you. And, when the main element is missing, you cannot escape a breakup.


Infidelity is another cause of the rupture of a love affair, say many people surveyed. Distrust means you are cheating someone for someone and when you are in a relationship, in fact, you are cheating two people at the same time. Eventually, you are cheating no one, but yourself. You can justify infidelity with any possible story, but the truth is – you back-stabbed and now you don’t deserve a fair treatment. At this stage, you cannot expect someone to not to leave you.

Endless Doubts & Loss of Trust

Be it a male or female, the moment your partner starts the doubting game, is the moment when your partner expresses his/her loss of trust. People believe that love relationship cannot continue if one partner has lied. In many cases, I have seen partner hiring spying services because they don’t trust their partner. They try to hack their partner’s email, phone, social media accounts, and other private matters. In a relationship, there is no place for doubts and if you have doubts even after having a discussion with your partner, it is better to quit than to haul.

Loss of Interest

“She is a nice girl, but it is just our chemistry! That was the only mismatch.” People do apart their way when they feel that they are with someone having opposite chemistry. In many cases, in the beginning, everything works fine. But, after a certain time, they start to realize that they are not on the same page about many things like families, future prospects, or anything. Sometimes, people start behaving like idiots and to them, it is all about their ego and not the relationship. And, that is a point where the person on the end wants a breakup. Loss of interest means loss of everything; when there remains nothing interesting, distance is obvious.


Admittedly, many times couples fight over petty issues and their tiny little arguments become a reason for divorce. Honestly, while verbal clashes, we are not after winning the argument, but after satisfying our ego and stubbornness. The funniest thing is – most of the time, we have baseless arguments about third parties. Should we not allow anyone else to interfere in our lives than our partner, life could be much easier. But, we are part of such a civilization where it is always about third parties. So, the sooner you develop a habit of arguing for nothing, the faster you will be moving towards a breakup.

The Desire to Be Alone

“Leave me alone.” I have seen many couples who prefers to stay alone even after being in a relationship. Embarrassing, but true that regardless of gender, given a chance, both male and female wants to enjoy their bachelor status. They want to return to a free life, they want to seduce, they want to flirt, and they want to be free from all responsibilities (social and family). Their love for complete freedom for enjoying a new life full of new experiences becomes a reason for the breakup. In a relationship, we are supposed to surrender many of our desires because people around us are expecting a shift in our priorities. However, if you are not ready to give up your desires, you cannot escape a breakup.

Lack of Ambition

In a relationship, both men and women expect their partners to be full of ambitions. Be it man or woman, no one wants to be with a partner who is not serious about his career, who is without ambition, who does not want to grow professionally or not in favor of working hard for a better future. This is also another reason behind breakup; lack of ambition means non-serious attitude towards life and if you are not serious about your life, how can you be serious about anything else. Quite a simple logic! Isn’t it?

Long Distance Relationship

“Miles and miles between us. Expensive plane tickets. Long waits between visits. Poor internet connections and night spent alone.” Many people may not take these as a reason for the breakup. But, the fact is geographical distance matters. Not in all cases, but in some, I have seen people inclining towards infidelity because of distance. Confessedly, physical absence leads to doubts, doubts leads to distrust, and finally – a breakup.

In addition to these, there could be a few more reasons as well like a minimum understanding with family and friends, sex (excessive or unsatisfactory), uneasiness about the relationship for any said reason, unequal division of responsibilities, poor communication, any external tragedy, abuse (domestic violence), and much more. Without any shadow of the doubt, break up hurts, but losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate you is actually a gain and not a loss. Do not allow someone to play with your feelings, just because he is unsure about his own.

Another truth behind breakup is – A person who truly loves you will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is.