Why do men cheat? Are they born Cheaters?

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Infidelity is the most popular hashtag these days and be it a man or woman, we all have our own reasons for it. Why do men cheat or what makes them cross their limits, is an endless debate. To women, men are born cheaters and to men, women are the reasons behind their infidelity. Let us face is today.


This is perhaps the main reason why men cheat. The women think that men cheat only because of sex. To them, it is all about forming illicit sexual relationships or seeing someone. But, in reality, it is completely a different story. There are research papers and polls claiming that most of the men cheat because they are emotionally unsatisfied. By contrast, only 8% men were recorded with ‘sex’ as an answer behind their cheat. When a man feels that he is no longer the “hero” in a relationship, his attention is prone to divert from one woman to another. This is not only about narcissistic bastards or men who proved themselves as a bad experience, but it also applies to all normal stable men.


About men, we have got evolutionary and biological reasons to believe that they are always focused on finding as many as sexual partners they can. It is about DNA. I know this sounds a bit distasteful, but it is the reason why men tend to cheat. We must agree, men are so weak; we have this urge and we cannot control this urge with a few exceptions. As I said earlier, in about 8% of cases, sex is the reason that a man cheat. A man has a great need for sex and when he sees it not fulfilled over a longer period, then he can go search for it. It may also be a reason behind his infidelity that his partner is not performing the way he wants her to in bed or just do the things she wants. (I can give you a few examples here, but I leave it to your imagination). For some males, sexual desires are so strong that they can barely show any control on them. Because of this strong urge for sexual indulgence, he may even commit adultery with a woman he finds less attractive than his partner.

The Relationship is Bad

Show me one single (married couple) home that is free from quarrel? Be it a man or women, both can be crazy here. To an extent, such issues are bearable. But, if there are frequent fights and that are not resolved correctly, then both men and women will try their level best for finding an escape from the relationship. In such a case, a man will fall for any woman who finds him totally amazing, offering him a temporary fantasy world where he can escape from his domestic problems. If you are married, this is probably the reason that your married man is cheating. In fact, I once heard a man telling others that it was his affair that made his marriage survived a crisis.

” If I had not had someone to blow off steam during those months of tension and drama than our marriage been long gone. “


If you are cheating, this is a massive attack on a man’s ego. By cheating, I mean, seeing someone or hiding things. The attack is so great that few men ever get over him. They would prefer to straighten the score, so they do not feel inferior himself. This may purely be a reason why he is cheating.

Extra-Marital Affair

Funnily enough, this is one of the least common reasons, while almost all women think this is the reason. No way of an extra-marital affair, if he is still in love with you. I mean, how can I person love someone else when he is deeply attached to you. Extra-martial affairs are only possible when he really likes someone better than you. But, believe me, in that case, he will skip you at all.

As A Result of Upbringing

The latter is rare, but for the sake of completeness, I would not deny it to you. After examining various psychology journals, I must say that cheating really is a family thing. With a few exceptions, men who cheat come from a family where his parents (one of the two or both) will be much more likely later in life to do the same. This is probably because they will find cheating people are normal.

The Unrealistic Expectations of a Relationship

They have the absurd expectation that all their needs to be fulfilled in a relationship. He expects not only that his partner supports him emotionally in everything and always there for him, but he expects the same physically. Now, of course, this is impossible since no single partner can always fulfill all your needs. Yet, many men think that goes this way. He then will blame you for doing it short. And, eventually, he thinks he has the right to fulfill his needs outdoors. If you are living with such an idiot, let him go to his mistress to find out what he is looking is impossible to find in one woman. In addition, I must say here, a lot of women just make it; fake their busyness because they want to keep their partner asking for things. It’s very sick, I know. But if you are not giving him the attention required, he feels he has the right to look elsewhere.

Constantly Blamed for Cheating

This is quite ironic, but unfortunately, it is very common. Do you suspect him constantly that he is cheating? Then, he will do it much faster. Men who are in a relationship where their partner trust them would prefer not to damage that trust. If he has the idea that you already suspect him of cheating and still do not trust him, why should he control himself if the opportunity to do? I know a few woman, who doubt their partner so much that should their partner miss their call, they will start calling family members and friends. So, if you have a doubt that your partner is cheating, instead accusing him directly, do your research. Otherwise, you are only encouraging him to cheat.

We must understand that doubt is the seed and infidelity are going to be the fruit of that seed. I must, instead listening to the idiots, the best thing is – think for yourself what you want. Listen not to those who tell you that you are already in a wrong relationship. Make a decision based on your feelings. Do not worry about the judgment of the outside world, but think of yourself. It is all about EGO and unless you are not hurting anyone’s ego, everything, is alright.

Learn to play with the ego in the right way,  your partner will be mad at you and just want to be with you.