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Who Pays For The First Date? Should the Guy Always Pay?
Who Pays For The First Date? Should the Guy Always Pay?

Who Pays For The First Date? Should the Guy Always Pay?

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Dating is sometimes a complicated task, especially when you go out with someone you do not know too well and then have to worry about who will pay for meals?

Being a male is not always a profitable business. It can cost you a lot. I wonder why always gentlemen have to buy flowers, gifts, trinkets and pay for the meals at the restaurant. Who pays for the first date? It is a million dollars question that should a couple split the costs or it is only a guy’s responsibility to pay for meals? Each pays his meals? If you let him pay, you think you’re crazy about him, right?

I have seen many people saying that it depends upon who initiated that date. It would be normal for a woman to pay all meals because she is the one who made the call. In modern society, men are taught that it is their responsibility to pay, regardless of who initiated the call.

According to society, this precedent was created long before we were born. And, dear men should you want to achieve the promise of another meeting, then it would be better to take your credit -card from your wallet. Generally, most men will offer to pay the table; it depends on you, whether you accept it or not.

In addition, it also depends on the nature and place of meeting. A meeting that is casual in nature and happens to be in a park, zoo or at an ice cream parlor, it is recommended that the split the expenses because the possibilities of meeting again are very low.

Well, it’s more than an old habit of the men was superior to women, imposed by society, and passed from one generation to another. But, with the passage of time, we should understand that men do not need to pay to impress a woman.

Many claim that people make it an issue of self-respect. To them, when many women share the equal social and income status, then why not change this precedent where men has to pay all the time; let ladies pay. Maybe they get offended when you are not let them pay their bills.

It also depends on the income. If a man earns enough money, then he won’t have any trouble paying for dinner, for a spa treatment or buy the woman a gift.

Be it a male or female, we need to understand that a meeting is not a favor, but an opportunity for both sides to feel good.”So then we start on an equal footing. And, if it is becoming a question of wallet, I must say, you guys are wasting your time.

Just remember, the goal is to have a nice evening together and to feel better and not to worry about ‘the hole in the pocket.’