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What To Do When Your Child Is Lying?
What To Do When Your Child Is Lying?

What To Do When Your Child Is Lying?

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Try to figure out what is "behind" that lie.
  2. Teach your child the value of honest & truth-telling.

From the kindergartens, we keep telling our kids that lying is a bad thing. But, still, kids lie. So, what to do when your child is lying?

Portray yourself in a scene, where you get home from the office and you notice that an expensive vase is missing from the drawing room. You ask your kid and despite knowing that lying is bad, he lies to you. In such a situation, where you have to deal with two scenarios (a broken vase and a lying kid), how are you going to react? What strategies are you going to follow when your child is lying? Do keep in mind that your actions are going to have opposite reactions.

Once again, you need to tell him that lying is bad

Maybe your kid has yet not learned that lying is wrong. Probably, he is seeing that people around him at home or school are often telling lies.

In addition, how can we rule out the advertisements that we see all day on the television; those are the best examples of lies.

Tell him that lies affect everyone’s lives. Try to teach him with examples. You can tell him by taking an example of a product that is trying to sell lies. “See! You bought this product, which says that after eating this, you will fly like Superman. Now, this is not happening with you and you are upset. Ain’t you? This is how people get upset when you tell them to lie.

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Punishing is not a solution

We all tell lies. Some people do this because they are addicted to it, while others do because they have a healthy reason for doing so; they were trying to protect someone, they might be trying to not to disappoint someone, or they might be afraid of the punishment.

Same is the case with babies. They tell lies because of a reason. Instead of punishing, one should try to figure out the reason behind his lie. Once you know the reason, you need to fix that for permanent. Try to make your kid believe that confessing mistakes and telling truth will save make his life easier. Whenever he tells you the truth, praise him; praise him for his honesty.

Control your emotions

Whenever a kid lie, it is very easy for his parents to figure out that he is lying. That is the moment of your maturity test. Do not lose your cool and control your actions. As I mentioned earlier, your reaction at this stage is going to decide things for your baby.

I know, losing your cool in such a situation is a common thing. However, you must try to keep yourself calm; either do not discuss until you think your anger is under controlled or move away from the sight until you are cool.

When you are calm enough to resolve the situation, give your child an opportunity, to tell the truth again. And, this is how you are going to open future avenues of communication between you and your little one.

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Set yourself as an example

Kids are good at observing things. If you really want him to be an honest person, avoid lying, especially when your baby is around. Before teaching him anything, you need to set yourself as an example.

Most important, you as a parent need to provide him an environment, where he can learn what mutual trust is and why it is important to stand by the truth.

Try every possible thing to win your kids’ trust because once they trust you, they will not feel any hesitation, while talking to you and they can address any issue openly.