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When you said 'Goodbye' – It Was Not At All Good
When you said 'Goodbye' – It Was Not At All Good

When you said ‘Goodbye’ – It Was Not At All Good

I don't hate you, I'm disappointed. You turned into everything you said you'd never be.


All goodbyes are sad and all make you feel like an orphan, even if you were the one who made the decision. Breaking up hurts.

I still remember the day, date and time; July 18, 2006, Tuesday. That was the day when you said those three unforgettable words to me, “I love you.” And, I was flying high in the sky without wings. I was so excited like I had won some kinda bumper prize. Love was in the air and everything was pink. That was the most memorable day of my life until October 28, 2008, Tuesday. That was the day when you said another three words. But this time, these three words were painful, “I am sorry.” Believe me, when you said goodbye, it was not at good.

For a few days, I was doing useless efforts of consoling myself. “It is okay if she had someone else in her life. I cannot force her to stay in the relationship. Everything is going to be okay.” I was thinking, this pain that I was going through from, will eventually go.

But, I was wrong.

In the beginning, I was not feeling any pain, but after a period there were regrets, longing, feeling that maybe I have had made a wrong decision of setting her free from my relationship. The most painful were the excruciating question that kept me awake for several nights after that day, “do I still love her and do I really need to fight more for this relationship?

I swear to God. When you left me, every weekend I was meeting new girls, but I was never completely satisfied. I must say, there was not even a single girl, who gave me the same level of excitement that I had from your companionship. Still cannot forget that first kiss of yours, taking you in my arms.

But, now that you are not with me, I must learn how to move on. The more I haul these old memories with me, the more pain I will be in. The more I think of you, the more I feel like a broken wing; good for nothing. I must immediately stop having a bath in old memories.

What should I be doing? How can I not miss her?

Well, this is quite simple. “out of sight is out of mind.” It is a golden rule to follow after the breakup. Immediately stop meeting your ex, break up and closed that chapter permanently. Trust me, you are going to feel better.

The day she left me, I never cursed her because that is a useless thing to do. She has opted her way, and she set me free to choose mine. Now, it was up to me, how I wanted to live rest of my life.

I must understand that there are people who you can place in the category of thankless people. This is what I thought of you. Instead of saying a million bad things about you, I dropped you in the same category.

This was perhaps the best reconciliation of our relationship.

I am doing wonderfully now. I am fine. And, I don’t need lies to keep me smiling. I don’t need your old memories. Thought your thoughts intentionally tried to destroy me from the roots, but I managed.

I am now not wasting any time on your thoughts. Rather, I remind you of the all the bad things you did to me. This makes me hate you; hate you to the extreme level of my emotions. I must say, sweet memories kill, and not bitter ones.

Think about all the wrong things that happened to you when you was with that one person and you will be able to get rid of painful sweet memories.

Good times and bad times are all our ideas; it is all in the brain. We are a slave of our brain. Dear friends, at the end I would like to say allow yourself to be out of the quagmire of memories and nostalgia. Wake up. You can always have the second option.