What Your Sleeping Position With Your Partner Says

What Your Sleeping Position With Your Partner Says
What Your Sleeping Position With Your Partner Says
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  1. New couples tend to have the most physical contact in bed.
  2. It can tell, when you want to be more separate.
  3. Footsie means he craves an emotional or sexual connection.

Specialists in psychology claim to have discovered a new method of assessing the relationship of the couple according to their sleeping position.

Do you know, sleeping position, not only effect the quality of sleep, but dreams and mood or relationship partner. People who sleep on the left side of the bed, tend to be more creative, while people who sleep on their bellies tend to have more erotic dreams.

According to surveys, the distance between partners during sleep indicates how happy the relationship is. Extroverts tend to sleep closer, but 86% of those who sleep at a distance of 2cm apart said they are happy in their relationship, while the 76cm distance sleeping partners are unhappy in their relationship as a couple.


Lying on one side and partner close to you in the same position by squeezing his arm. The position is also known as the “spoon”.

This is a very intimate position, you obtain a sense of security when you hug partner. In general, the woman in his arms. Couples who adopt this position by sleeping together for a while, but are still under the “honeymoon” of their relationship. The position is both secure and erotica.

Face to Face and Embrace

Here is a classic position, mostly found among newly married couples, who are still intoxicated with love. Thereby expressing their love to their partners via their sleeping position. However, the position is quite uncomfortable, and after a while, one of you will change.

Dominating Couple

Experts in body language believe that although sharing love and hugs demonstrates the strong relationship between the couple. However, in such a relationship one partner tries to dominate the other.

The Struggle For Space

Such a position highlights the fact that the partner is not trying to show feelings of love for his half. Usually, the one trying to conquer as much territory in bed as he can.

That partner is the one who feels the need to assert themselves even in the relationship. Moreover, experts point out that those who sleep with their hands above the head are stubborn and want to keep the relationship under the control of the need to assert their leadership qualities.

Half You And Half Me

Psychologists state that those who sleep on their back does not feel the need of visual contact with the partner, and those who sleep on their bellies are moody and a bit shy. Similarly, cross-legged shows that this relationship persists sense of obligation to each other.

Head on Shoulder or Chest

In this position, partners sleep on their back and male partner stretches his arm towards his female partner, letting her keep her head on the shoulder or chest.

This position demonstrates the role that each plays in the relationship. The woman is placed in a situation of dependency, while the man acts voluntarily and protector. The position also shows a strong sense of love, and total trust between the partners.

You Are Far From Me – Back To Back

In this position, two partners turned their back, each occupying one side of the bed. This position indicates that the relationship things are not the best. Lack of physical link and sleeping back-to-back shows that each of them wants to feel more freedom.

Long distance and lack of contact points between partners suggest a certain tension. If this position is not the result of a progressive cleaning, but a consequence of unresolved disputes, chances are that one of the partners to ask each other for forgiveness and return to it to take it in his arms.

So, What is your sleeping position?