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Low Mood And Depression – What To Do When Feeling Low

Low Mood And Depression - What To Do When Feeling Low
Low Mood And Depression - What To Do When Feeling Low
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Staying positive and feeling energetic all the time, is not an easy thing to do. There are times when we all feel low in terms of energy, motivation, and emotions.

There could be several reasons behind this. We are humans and we tend to feel low when the plans do not go as expected. We know that there are countless solutions available, but still, we struggle. A lot of people had already talked about this. However, I am going to share some of my own experimented solutions that won’t cost you anything. Try these, and I bet, you will be able to get your spirits back.

Drink Water

Whenever you feel low, drink water. I tried it and it is awesome. Scientifically, it is about staying hydrated. If you are properly hydrated, you will be able to think correctly, calmly, and the best thing is, you won’t feel low. Whenever I feel low, I drink a glass of water.

Take A Shower

This is technique number two for me. After every long trudging, especially the days when I feel low, I take a shower with my favorite shower gel. This not only makes me feel better, but energetic as well. Try this and you will see that you feel different. In addition, a shower allows you with some free moment to be with yourself.

Go Out And Take A Walk

In a situation, I prefer to go for a walk. Fresh air, is all that we need sometimes. The idea is diverting your mind from the situation until you feel energetic for a fight back.

In my low moments, my favorite spot is my terrace on top floor. A walk on the terrace allows me to breathe in a different air and allow me with a perspective to change.

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Talk To Someone

This is the best way. When you feel low, you need someone with whom you can share your pain or disturbance.

Instead of flushing out your frustration on social media, it is better to have a talk with someone who you think is a good source of positivism. In my case, I prefer talking to my dad, whenever I feel low or sad.


This sounds crazy, but it works. Give it a try. Whenever you feel low, play some music and dance like an idiot. Try to catch the rhythm of the music. I do the same way and trust me, this will clear your mind and, little by little, this will change your mood.

Spend Time With A Pet

What pet you have, it barely matters. The point is spending time with the pet. I have a German Shepard and whenever I feel low, I cuddle him.

And, if you don’t have one, go to the nearest pet adoption center. They have countless samples of unconditional love that can bring your smile back.

Watch Comedy

This is another very good solution. If you are feeling low, watch comic serials or movies. There are plenty of them available on YouTube and other media channels. How you are going to do this is not a matter of concern, but doing it.

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Allow Yourself To Feel Bad

Do not hold your emotions and give yourself permission to feel bad. Sometimes crying becomes equally important. Give yourself 5 minutes, 1 hour or a day to cry and flush your anger out. However, do not stay long in that state. Do not let this take over your life.

I believe these tricks are going to help you a lot. In case, you have some more tips, please share with us.