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What To Do If A Condom Breaks During Sex
What To Do If A Condom Breaks During Sex

What To Do If A Condom Breaks During Sex



  1. Do not panic and stay calm.
  2. Females; do not wash, but pee.
  3. Go for the medical test.

If condom breaks or slips during sex, try to stay calm and immediately stop sexual intercourse. Go to the neutral position and carefully remove the condom.

If a condom breaks during sex, there are only two possibilities that you should be worried about – pregnancy and any sexually transmitted disease.

The bad news is, in such a case of unprotected sex immediate medical consultation is a must and should not be avoided at any cost. Instead of doing other unsafe experiments, the best thing is to see a doctor because he is the only person who can give the right suggestion. Who know, if you need to go through certain medical tests like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B or C and HIV.

A Few Medical Solution

Another medical solution is going for the contraception pill that must be taken within 72 hours of contact, but the sooner, the better. The second contraception pill should be taken every 12 hours, but the best would be to follow your doctor or pharmacist about instructions. The golden rule to keep in min that this pill is 75% more effective if taken within 24 hours.

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However, it is not that this contraceptive pill will sort out everything. Girls must use other pregnancy testing measure to make sure that things are alright.

Also, if the menstrual cycle is late than a week, you should go for a medical or pregnancy test. Even if things seem to be perfectly fine, visiting a gynecologist is recommended.

A few Oral Solution

The oral solution depends upon the type of your sexual position at the time of the incident. It differs in case of anal and oral. But, do keep in mind that if an accident occurs during anal sex or vaginal sex, never wash try to clean yourself with water. This way, you are increasing the chances of sperm interaction with your body.

In case of Anal Sex

In the case of anal sex, the best-advised practice is to sit on the toilet in a bent position to remove as much sperm as possible. Again, do not rinse or wash the anus because these movements can increasing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Medical examination including medical tests on the anal region becomes really important here, even if everything seems alright. Do not ignore these because you are at the risk of infections.

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In case of Oral Sex

In the case of oral sex, you are supposed to quickly spit sperm immediately and you should not keep the same in the mouth. Give your mouth a good rinse with water. Most importantly, do not brush your teeth at least one hour after condom breakage because a minor chance of teeth bleeding can put you in trouble.

In case of Vaginal Sex

In the case of vaginal sex, go to the bathroom and pee. The only idea is removing the sperm that is close to the urethra. The best position to pee in such a situation is crouch sitting because it can help you remove the excess sperm in the vaginal muscles.

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As I said earlier, do not rinse or wash the vagina because these moves could push sperm further into the vagina and this can lead to pregnancy or at least a positive test for sexually transmitted diseases.

For hygienic purpose, wash the outside area of the genitals using a hot water bottle, while sitting on the toilet set.

Unprotected sex is always troublesome. However, such incidents can happen with anyone. And, always remember, no protection is 100% secure.

If you or your partner had any such unpleasant encounter, instead of hiding things, speak to someone you can trust. After all, this is a question of your and your partner’s life.