What not to do, when you see Pimples

Photo Credit: Dawn Ashley via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

“Oh My God ! I got a pimple.” Believe it or not, pimples are one among the other biggest nightmares of a female and no wonder, most of the females have an encounter with this blood sucking Dracula once in their lifetime.

The most terrible thing about these reddish skin spot – their loyalty with our skin; usually take longer than expected before they actually betray our skin. On seeing it, the first thing we want is – to get rid of these ugly looking red dots at the earliest possible. We try every possible way that we can and leave no stone upturned to make sure a no-come back of these in our lifetime. Often we tend to squeeze out of them, although we know this is going to make it worse. Thousands of advises and articles are already there, talking about how one can make them go away faster. But, do you think they really work?

The best way thing you should be doing is – doing nothing because pimples go away by itself within a few days. But, who wants to walk around with a long-festering pimple on one’s face. We start applying formulas that what we should refrain ourselves from and things go out of control. Unlike others, I am not going to give false home remedies for pimples, I would rather like to share a few tips on what one should not do.

Lemon Juice

Lemons are often used for the cleansing effect. Not surprising that they then used against pimples. But, the acid in lemon juice can actually just make sure that the skin becomes irritated. This may cause a tingling and burning sensation. That does not seem very pleasant! In addition, lemon juice is also used as a kind of a bleaching agent. Thus, there is also likely to be lighter spots on the skin after the application of lemon (juice). To me, this seem a good reason for not using lemon on your face. What do you think?


Although garlic can be healthy, but I won’t recommend using this as a treatment for pimples. I have heard many people saying that rubbing garlic with a clove can help fight acne because it has an antibacterial effect. In reality, this can even be dangerous. In fact, garlic is a substance called diallyl disulfide and it heats up rapidly to friction. By rubbing garlic directly onto the skin you will be actually putting your skin on a threat of skin burn. Instead, use garlic in food, but results still depend on the cause of pimples. If you are one with sensitive skin, applying garlic can be dangerous. Make sense?

Eggs/Protein smear

Eggs are full of vitamins, so it is perhaps not surprising that they are often used in homemade beauty products. There are, for example, face masks in which proteins are processed. But, that does not mean that this protein is a boon for your face too. Using eggs on pimples means offering a platform to more pimples and blackheads. But, you want to avoid pimples, right?


Ice is often used for injuries against swelling and pain relief, but it appears that some people also use it as a remedy for pimples. Unfortunately, this will not lead to the desired result because ice actually consists only of water. So, there is nothing in ice that can cure the pimples and make them disappear. No denial, using ice is nice if you want a relieve from pain or redness, but not as a complete remedy? Applying ice directly to the skin may also cause damage to the skin. Even if you want to use ice as a pain reliever, it is advised to wrap the ice in a cloth first so that there is no direct contact with the skin. Right?


We all are fond of perfumes and we know that using a branded perfume is the best practice. I have a read a lot of people using it on pimples and that seems the best torture. We all know, perfumes have alcohol and that can dry out the pimples. But, in addition to alcohol, there are also other ingredients in a perfume that can cause allergic reactions to the skin. Instead, using perfume, a better alternative is buying some sort of lubricant that you can apply on your skin directly to dry out pimples.


Some people concern toothpaste as one of the better-known product for the skin blemishes. To them, just like perfume, toothpaste would be drying out pimples and making them disappear the next day. I have seen many self-proclaimed experts who smear it on their skin before bed and let it sit throughout the whole night. But, let me tell you, in toothpaste also there are several ingredients that can elicit an allergic reaction to the skin, especially when you leave it longer on the skin. Don’t believe me, google it.


Some say the sun dry out pimples and make them fade away more quickly. Undoubtedly, this is partly true. The sun can indeed cause a pimple dry, but it will also ensure that the rest of the skin dries out more quickly as well. This can actually magnify the chances of breakouts, and will get even more prone to oily skin. For a moment, the sun appears very helpful, but nothing seems further from the truth.

Nobody is happy with pimples around. Using home remedies may give you temporary relieve, but a slight mistake could make the situation worse and it may give you a permanent scar.

The best solution I can recommend  – stay away from all such silly practices and leave pimples with their own devices.