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What Not To Do Immediately After Sex
What Not To Do Immediately After Sex

What Not To Do Immediately After Sex


Explore the internet, we have enough on how to start the game of love that ends at sex. But, ever wondered what to do after the climax? Don’t you think that is as important as what we did before it or during it?

Books like “Kamasutra” can only tell you how to heighten the pleasure of having sex using various sexual positions. There are countless articles about how to increase your libido, what you should eat for a better sex drive, but none of them speaks about what not to do immediately after sex.

Everything needs an eternal beginning and a temporary end. This happens because after entering or exiting a situation, our mind needs a little time to recover. Therefore, as a couple, it’s good to have one scheme in mind what you should or should not do in certain situations.

We also need to understand the thing called what we call instinct chemistry with each other. Whether we are making love or sex, it is better to outline in mind what generally disturbs and makes our partner suffer and what really makes him happy.

According to sexual experts, in many cases, the romance between couples dies exactly after the reach climax. However, if you really want to enjoy everything that involves sex, do not get up immediately and do not chase the light heading to the bathroom.

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For a few minutes after climax, do not make your hygiene imperative. You can clean your privates after a few seconds. Don’t make your partner feel that you were there only for that certain amount of time.

It is perfectly alright to play with your partner hair and telling her stories. Show the same aggression of kissing and holding her tight for few more minutes. I know, after having an orgasm, this kinda eroticism is possibly only if both partners are in, but still, try to stay close and let her feel your breath.

Don’t you ever dare to rush to the bathroom to get rid of any trace left on your body. Believe me, this is very offensive for both male and female. This is going to make your partner feel like you just used him/her for your pleasure.

Many sexologists suggest that one should not indulge in a long telephone conversation regardless of who is on the other side of the wire. Sudden disconnection from your partner and diverting your attention towards something else that has nothing to do with her, it going to make her feel like she is no more important. Do not ever do that.

Although it is very appropriate to talk after sex, yet you have to be very careful with your chosen subjects. Instead of starting anything that you know is going to spoil the night, it is better to start with something constructive.

Do talk about something that will help you discover issues faced by each other and that helps you appreciate each other more.

Initiate discussion on things that promote positivism and help you guys in making your relationship stronger.

Do not say negative things or pass idiotic comments because your partner is going to remember your comments even after the game or love. One filthy statement can spoil your image even for the times when you are not necessarily naked.

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After sexual intercourse, learn to control the horses of your emotions and excitement. Do not behave like you have won a certain kind of battle. According to the experts, this is treated as slightly ridiculous. Do not forget it.

Last, but not least, do not argue, even if they arise reasons do anything to change the subject or to defer for later because a quarrel in such situations will dispel all the charm of sex.

Do remember, when you mix disappointment and hopelessness, you have the most important ingredient of a relationship in danger.