What is love, marriage, happiness, and life?

What is love, marriage, happiness, and life
What is love, marriage, happiness, and life
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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What is love, what is marriage, what is happiness and what is life? Quite interesting questions! Isn’t it?

Be it you or me, we all want to demystify these mysteries. But, none of us tasted the success in regard to these questions. And, if you are reading this, you can assume yourself one of those who are pretty far from the secrets; just like me and millions others. I asked these questions (secrets behind love, marriage, and happiness) to a saint, a man known for his wisdom and his answers really astonished me. Give it a go. I hope these will enlighten your path as well.

What is Love?

One fine day, a disciple approached his Guru and with endless respects, he asked, “Dear Guru, what is the thing called love? I have heard many people praising this one word and the same number of people cursing this. I am confused. Please help me.

To this, his Guru replied, before I can answer you this question, I need you to sit for a test. And, the test is – you need to go into the fields adjoining our ‘Ashram’ and I need you to find me the most beautiful ‘ear of the wheat’. For your comfort, I am allowing you with multiple attempts and make sure you make multiple attempts before selecting the right one.”

On hearing this, the disciple started his search. After spending many hours, he returned empty handed. On seeing him crying, his Guru asked, what is wrong and where is my ‘ear of wheat?’ To this, the student replied, “Dear Guru, as soon as I entered the fields I saw one very beautiful ‘ear of wheat.’ But, then I thought, as you instructed to make more than one attempts before selecting, I thought maybe I should find another one and majestic one. So, I went on. But, after looking for hours in vain, I have not found any other ear of wheat that could beat the first one. Finally, after spending the whole day, I failed and brought none. To this Guru Replied – This is love.

What is Marriage?

Another day, the same follower asked his Guru, “What is marriage?” Again, I have heard the mix views of the people about this. Please help me understand.

Like previously, his Guru said, before I can answer, I need you to perform another test. This time, I need you to go to a forest and cut me a tree that is tallest, thickest and full of flowers. But, now, you are free to take options. You may or may not make another attempt. This time, the student went to the forest and after struggling for a few hours, he brought back a tree that was neither tallest nor full of flowers, but thickest enough.

The Guru then asked his student about the reason behind choosing that tree that was not completing the criteria. To this, the students replied, “Dear Guru, I saw some very lofty trees on my way through the woods, but I remembered what happened the last time with the ear of wheat. So, without repeating the same mistake, I preferred to choose this one. I was afraid of returning empty-handed, should I have extended my search for another beautiful tree.” To this Guru Replied – This is Marriage.

What is happiness ?

On day three, a student approached his Guru with his third question and the most controversial one. “Dear Guru, what happiness is? Is there any secret to it?”

Again, his Guru asked him to perform another task. This time, his Guru asked him to go to the riverside and instructed him to pick the most beautiful flower. Guru added, making more than one attempt is again optional. Choose carefully. On hearing this, the student left and without exploring the whole riverside, he returned with one single flower.

Once again, Guru asked for the reason behind his choice. And, the student replied, though I saw many many flowers on the riverside, but I picked this one and once I picked this one, I prefer not to compare this one with other flowers of the same breed. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake that I did at the time of ‘ear of wheat’ and I discovered myself quite content with this flower. Although I saw other beautiful flowers as well, but still I think this one is unmatched. To this Guru Replied – This is Happiness.

What is Life?

Then came the final day of training and the student was ready with his final question. Dear Guru, “what is life?” His Guru smiled at him and asked him to sit in the final test. At this instance, the challenge was about making a new path in the woods and bringing the most beautiful flower that will come in the way.

After three days, on not seeing him back, his Guru decided to look for him. He accompanies another follower and after walking a few miles, the Guru finally found amid meadows. The Guru asked him if he found the flower. The follower pointed towards a flower on the ground. The guru asked him, “why he had not brought the flower to his house?” The student said, should I have plucked it and brought it to you, it would have withered. So, I sat around this flower and since last two days I have been seeing it blooming and shrinking; it is just beautiful. To this Guru Replied – Well, it seems that you already know the truth about life.

In other words – love does not mean perfection. Marriage is not about finding a perfect choice, but to become one. The happiness is nothing, but a state of mind that you achieve once you master to control your choices. And, life is all seeing beauty in the things you have and learning to stay calm in all odds and evens .