What Do Indian Men Like Sexually

What Do Indian Men Like Sexually
What Do Indian Men Like Sexually
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Should you ask a question about how to please a woman in the bed, 90% of Indian males will raise their hands. But, when it is about making a man happy, not all Indian females have the answer.

I have already discussed a lot about the libido, sexual health, sexual position, yoga poses for better sex, and effects of poor sex life on relationships. Undoubtedly, there comes a time in a relationship, when it seems that sexual attraction between partners is fading. Most of the Indian women believe that sex is all about penetrating and nothing else. But, this is false. So, what do Indian men like sexually?

Indian Men Like It When Encouraged

Like women, men are sensitive too. Just like you, we men love praise and really appreciate a few words of encouragement.

Do give it a try to tell your partner about the part of his body that you like the most. Whatever it is, just tell him.

Let me ask you. Don’t you feel good when you are praised? Same is the case with us; we like to feel appreciated for every little thing we have.

Indian Men Love Oral Sex

Ladies! Oral sex is the second most amazing thing Indian men like sexually. Let me ask; Don’t you enjoy, when your partner rolls his tongue around your body? Well, same is the case with men.

Like other, Indian men do love oral sex. Sometimes, it is about a few kisses and cuddles. You should ask your male partner about what he likes. Don’t worry, he is not going to ask for strange favors. But, be very careful about the diseases that can be transmitted through oral sex.

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Indian Men Want You To Lead

Third in my list of what do Indian men like sexually is – initiative. Sometimes, men want you to lead. We expect you not to be shy in the bedroom.

Trust me, when you ladies make us do everything, we feel like we are having sex with a dead body.

At this point, we want you to take the initiative. Think about it, be it our life or love, variety is the key.

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Indian Men Hate Overacting

The other day, I was reading another article saying that loud moans and cries are signs of pleasure.

But, honestly, that’s bullshit. Even if you are feeling that way, Indian men are going to take that the other way around. We are not filming porn.

We would love it when you whisper the things you really want from us.

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Indian Men Hate Dirty Words

Indian men don’t want you to use foul language, especially during sex. Ladies with dirty mouths earn no respect.

If you think, we want you to speak all those dirty words, then you are wrong. I mean, why do you need to spoil your mouth by saying such stupid words that will sound strange from your mouth, while making love.

We don’t want you to sound strange. We don’t want you to behave like two different personalities; one in the bedroom and other in everyday life.

Indian Men Like Inventiveness

Indian men love to see a little inventiveness. We would really appreciate it, if you try new things, but within the bedroom boundaries. At the same time, we don’t want you to behave in a nonsense manner.

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Indian Men Like Teasing

Indian men like to be surprised by a few acts of teasing. Dear ladies, we would really love, if you kiss us secretly or touch us “by chance” or smile playfully.

But, make sure you are doing that way when you are ready to make love.

Indian Men Appreciate A Little Sense of Humor

Indian men really like it when instead of lying like a dead body, you really enjoy making love and laugh at discrete jokes. The sense of humor is a must. Hope you have read our other article about how silence can kill your sex life.

Ladies, I hope these tips about what do Indian men like sexually are going to help you. May you all have a wonderful sex life because that is a must for a healthy married relationship.