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What do Bosses hate?
What do Bosses hate?

What do Bosses hate?

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Sometimes the problem is with you, not your boss.
  2. Bosses hate constant late comers and complainers.
  3. Be humble and learn how to deal with criticism.
  4. Always try to be better.

There are several reasons for workplace conflict. Many times the boss is just being difficult and trying to lord their superiority over others. But sometimes, it’s the employee who is at fault.

Today, we will try to look at things that can tick your boss off. There are some things that bosses really hate and can’t stand, here are some of them.

You’re always late

If you constantly have to give excuses as to why you are always late, then it becomes easier to disbelieve you. There is an acceptable number of times when you can give the excuse of you being sick, or traffic, or your crying child; but after a while, excuses become old and you begin to seem less competent to your boss.Bosses are looking for people who will go the extra mile, not those who are always cutting corners and avoiding work.

You’re unreliable

When you miss deadlines repeatedly, it not only shows that you are irresponsible but it makes it very difficult for your boss to rely on you. Without trust, any relationship fragments, and an employee who says one thing and does another, or is always making excuses for his mistakes soon becomes the unreliable worker that every boss hates.

You never admit you are wrong

Sometimes errors in work are due to someone else’s doing, but when we make our own errors we should own up and admit that we are wrong. Constantly trying to pass off your mistakes on someone else shows that they are irresponsible. It also severely harms work relationships between colleagues. It also portrays you as a chronic liar and can severely damage your career.

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You complain a lot

Every new opportunity for the company is your avenue to complain; you complain about work, about your colleagues, about your home and about your boss (to anyone who cares to hear). Eventually, all the complaining becomes visible and your boss and colleagues will get tired of sympathizing with you and start avoiding you. This major flaw shows that you are emotionally unintelligent, incapable of being a team player and never a positive person to be around. No one, let alone bosses, likes these traits in people.

You don’t know how to handle criticism

A good team player, and leader, must know how to deal with failures and criticisms. They should be able to take criticism and turn it around to have a positive effect on their work. Bosses do not like employees who have emotional outbursts when critiqued. If you constantly blow up in anger, or cry uncontrollably at the slightest critique, everyone soft-pedals around you. This means you don’t get feedback on your performance, and you have no way of getting better at what you do. Inevitably, you will lose your job if you cannot bring a significant improvement to the table.

You gossip a lot

Most of these problems line up closely with personal character defects, but none comes as close as this. Talking about colleagues behind their backs paints you as an untrustworthy and unreliable person. Bosses will not be willing to share sensitive company information with you because they know you will eventually leak it. If you cannot bridle your tongue, it will take you on a road to destruction.

Before you complain about your boss, think about how you act and whether you are the one at fault. The ability to spot and correct your own flaws shows remarkable propensity to self-improvement, a very desirable quality to bosses.