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What Diseases Can Be Transmitted Through Oral Sex
What Diseases Can Be Transmitted Through Oral Sex

What Diseases Can Be Transmitted Through Oral Sex


While for some couples oral sex is a taboo for others is one of the experiences necessary for a fulfilling sex life. However, when it comes to oral sex, partners should know that are risks subject to it.

Recent studies claim that oral sex can have serious consequences on health. Certain diseases and viruses that can be contracted through oral sex, they can have a detrimental effect not only on the physical but also the mental. However, all of these situations can be avoided, if oral sex is protected.

The mere contact between the mouth and genital area is safe. Both for women and for men, given or received oral sex is not safe.

HIV and The HPV Virus

Industry experts claim that there are many cases in which HIV was transmitted through oral sex. If one partner has more sensitive gums or bleeding wounds, the risk of transmission is higher.

Virus in the semen can come into contact with blood from the gums. Thus, the virus can enter the bloodstream. To protect yourself, use a condom.

Another virus that can be transmitted through unprotected oral sex is Papilloma virus or HPV. The virus can be transmitted if one partner is infected and suffering from genital warts.

Experts say that if any of the oral sex partners is infected with HPV if transmitted, it can develop a form of cancer, or inside the mouth or throat.


As with herpes, condoms do not reduce the risk of infection because HPV transmission can happen with skin contact.

Attention should be paid in the case where one of the partners is suffering from genital herpes. It can go “all through oral sex. Once contacted, be it from the mouth or the genitals, herpes can find its way through, especially when the immune system is weak.


Oral sex is not considered to be the leading cause of chlamydial infection, but experts do not exclude contacting the disease through oral sex. If the vagina, cervix, anus, penis or mouth come into contact with already infected secretions or fluids, then the transmission is possible.


Gonorrhea infection can be transmitted by oral sex (whether you’re in the position or receiving). There is no need to ejaculate for gonorrhea to be transmitted. This bacteria is responsible for the disease survives very well in the neck and throat infections with gonorrhea contacted through oral sex are quite commonly found.


Syphilis infection is through vaginal, anal and oral sex. According to statistics, 15% of cases of infection with syphilis are contracted during oral sex. Although it cannot be transmitted unless the characteristic symptoms appear, primary and secondary signs are very hard to detect.

Hepatitis B

Transmission is possible in all types of sex – oral, anal, vaginal with a partner infected with hepatitis B, by sharing syringes for injecting drugs, use of unsterilized surgical instruments, blood transfusions etc. If a pregnant woman is infected it may transmit infection fetus.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is transmitted most often by blood and more rarely through sexual contact – according to experts, about 3% of cases.

Theoretically, this virus cannot be taken by oral sex, but only by exchanging fluid from the blood. But, when the infected person shows lesions in the mouth, then transmission of hepatitis C is possible.

As exaggerated as it may sound, protect yourself even during an oral sex is equally important. Many viruses and bacteria can be transmitted through oral sex.

Also, some experts recommend not brushing your teeth before performing oral sex as mild damage caused by brushing can increase the risk of infected fluids’ transmission