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What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview
What Color To Wear To A Job Interview
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Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

As a career counselor, people often ask me, what color to wear to a job interview? Whether one should wear casuals or something like a suit? Some say that dress has nothing to do with your selection. However, I think I would like to tell you that when you go to the interview, your dress is your first impression, and this obviously influences the interviewer. Actually, your dressing sense tells a lot about your personality. Through this article, I will tell you what color to wear to a job interview.

1Blue Color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

With blue, you can definitely win the game. According to a study, blue, especially navy blue, is considered the most recommended color. This color represents reliability, dignity, intelligence, authority and team spirit. Blue is also a symbol of friendliness and strength. Perhaps, this is the reason why companies like Facebook and LinkedIn have their logos in blue. Do keep in mind, if you are going to a job interview where your creativity is the main selection criteria, then the navy color is not the best option.

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2Black Color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

Black is the color that you can wear to a job interview. A survey conducted among many employers and interviewers revealed that black is the most favored color. Black color shows you being a leader in a way. However, if you are going to interview for an assistant job, where you will be working under someone’s directions, then avoid wearing black color in any form, such as a shirt, suit, overcoat, blazer, turban or a cap.

3Gray Color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

The gray color is also a good choice. For women, this color is even better because women don’t like navy color. Some people regard gray as the color of old men. If you are one of them and think that it is not going to suit your personality, then you can enhance your looks by wearing gray color in contrast. You can use something like a colored scarf. In the case of women, a tan color purse looks very attractive.

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4White Color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

White dress for an interview is also very good. By white, I don’t want you to dress completely in white like doctors. All I am saying is, you can wear something in white like a white shirt under the navy or gray suit. The white color is seen as a symbol of organizational abilities and fairness.

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5Cream/Brown Color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

Dressing in exact brown can represent you as a trustworthy candidate. But on the other hand, it can present you as a person with a very erratic personality and miserable ideas. Instead of exact brown, you can go for its alike shades like tan or cream, but you must wear something brighter with that.

6Red Color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

The red color represents you as a bold, assertive, and strong personality. Wearing red color is considered very strange because it attracts more attention than necessary. In most cases, the person wearing red color is seen as a rebel and a person who does things differently. However, you need to be very careful when you wear red; wear red in a contrast.

7Pink Color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

Pink color presents you as a person with open thoughts and easily approachable. Unlike old times, the pink color is not just reserved for women. Nowadays, men also like pink because this color shows them as a confident, courageous and independent person.

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8Green Color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

Green color presents you as a positive, confident, courageous, sporting, optimistic and a high-class person. Not only it looks nice, but it is thousand times better than the other shiny or negative colors.

9Purple color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

If you want your interviewer to see you as a person with elegance, then wear purple on the interview. In case, you are associated with a creative field, use of purple dress on the interview can help you a lot.

10Yellow Color

What Color To Wear To A Job Interview

Just like purple, yellow also represents you as a person who is cheerful, open, and ready for the risks. Wearing yellow on the interview depends upon the job profile. Choose yellow wisely.

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Color Not To Wear - Orange

There is no doubt that in many civilizations, the orange color is considered being very sacred and the color of sacrifice. But experts believe that this color represents you as a person, who always want to be on vacations. Therefore, you should not wear orange on the day of the interview.

If you have any questions in this regard, then do not hesitate to ask me. I hope this article will prove to be beneficial for you.