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What Are The Productive Habits That Change Boys Into Men
What Are The Productive Habits That Change Boys Into Men

What Are The Productive Habits That Change Boys Into Men


Vishakha Rawal

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An ambivert, a humanist, a true philotherian, dreamer, loves adding and checking things off the bucket list, movie buff, an avid traveler, an amateur artist, writer, blogger, engineer, and yes an entrepreneur as well!



  1. What's the difference between a Man and a Boy?
  2. Becoming a Man takes a lot than just reaching towards an age of puberty
  3. Your guide to become a complete Man!

Speaking of physical characteristics then it is quite simple to differentiate between a man and a boy. However, many boys even after attaining their puberty, they don’t march forward to become completely grown men mentally. It shows in the way they conduct themselves, especially towards others. So, what exactly makes a boy, a MAN?

Boys, if you are here then it is obvious that you want to try and work on yourself. You seriously want to learn about the productive habits that change boys into men. In that case, you need to read this guide.

Get responsible

Here we are not only talking about taking responsibilities of your family but also yourself. It is always wise to help yourself first before helping others. Set your standards high. Go out in the world. Conquer!

Set your goals high and start working towards it. You will make mistakes in the process and will fall a lot but you will learn to take responsibilities of all your decisions. You will learn to stop the blame game in life.

Get over yourself

Narcissism is a chronic habit which boys tend to have. Do you feel you are better than others? Do you always long for compliments? Do you keep on boasting about your talents? Do you feel you are a “know it all” person? Do you get hard time keeping a long-term relationship? Do you act oblivious to other’s emotions?

If your answers are ‘yes’ for all of the above then you are in a big trouble and you need to change this part of yourself promptly.

Stay committed

Commitment should be the first word in your dictionary. Stay committed towards all aspects of your life. Whether it is work or relationships, know your responsibilities and work towards it to make them grow every day. Try to become a “man of words”.

Keep good companies

A man is defined by the company he keeps. Try to make good friends who can help you grow as an individual. Friends are an important part of life and you want to make sure they are right for you.

Travel and get more exposure

Take a break once in a while and travel. Meet new people and expose yourself to different culture and colours of the world. Travelling will help you to broaden your horizon, it will change the way you look at the world and life. Grab all the travel opportunities you get in life.

Keep on learning

Be open to welcome any new information, knowledge or any new perspectives in life. In life, you never stop learning so be flexible and keep your mind unlocked. Even a child will have a lot to teach you, be open to even learn from children! They can prove to be the best teachers.

Set a daily regimen

Set a daily healthy regimen. It can be anything from working out at a gym to practising yoga or to just going for a walk early in the morning or late evenings. Get a healthy lifestyle and keep a check on what you are putting in your stomach. Remember, health is wealth!

Take out time for your near and dear ones

Plan date nights with your family and nurture them. Your parents have done a lot for you their entire life, now it’s your time to spoil them with all love and care.

If you are married, make sure you are spending quality time with your wife and kids. Make them feel that they can completely rely on you. These are the times you’ll cherish the most as you grow old.

Learn personal finance

Learn how to save money. Learn everything about banking and smart investments. You are working hard today because you want a better life tomorrow. It is important to learn how to manage your finances so that you can have a stress free life.

You have the list in front of you and the ball is in your court. Start working on it one day at a time and you’ll achieve all the good qualities of a Man in no time.