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Wedding Night Gift Ideas For An Indian Wife

Wedding Night Gift Ideas For My Indian Wife
Wedding Night Gift Ideas For My Indian Wife
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Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Wedding day and endless rituals. Okay, all the ceremonies are over and the much awaited moment have finally arrived.

Wow, it is wedding night, and I have no idea about how the heck I am supposed to greet my spouse? The biggest question that every groom seeks an answer to is – gift ideas for an Indian wife.

It is Nuptial Night; don’t tell me, you don’t have butterflies in your stomach already. Trust me, every step you take to the bride’s chamber, you will literally be able to hear every single heartbeat of yours. It feels like your heart is going to pop out any moment.

With a lot of questions, aspirations, desires, and anticipations you are finally sitting next to your “lady in red.” Can you now feel the exuberance and thrill of this moment gushing through blood?

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Well, on one side you are combating with unexplained emotions of love and romance and on the other side it is like, “Where to start from?”

Well, if you are in the same boat like my article’s lead hero, I suggest, a Gift can really save you and if chosen wisely, it won’t let the excitement die!

1A Love Letter

First wedding night for any Indian woman means a lot.

By nature, Indian women are extremely mushy on their first night.

On her first wedding night, she is expecting a few commitments from you, some promises that you will keep throughout your life.

A love letter will really do. Do write one with all your feelings on it, express everything the best you can and gift it to her on the wedding night.

Walk that extra mile; frame it for her and make it more memorable.

2Women Love Jewelry

Women love jewelry and the best part is, it never fails, especially when it is something unique.

It is perfectly alright if you cannot buy a diamond.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. For this night, it is all about emotions and affection.

Even a designer jewelry (not too expensive) given with sheer love and dedication can win her heart.

3A Beautiful Dress

Girls do love clothes, the more they have the more they want. Should you know her taste, you can always gift her a nice dress.

Be it an ethnic dress or western, choose one that she feels comfortable wearing.

Gifting a nightdress on your first night is surely not a good idea; do not make feel uncomfortable. Save your imagination for years to come.

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4An International Vacation

You can always add an international honeymoon trip to exotic places. Let me tell you, there are nearly 51 international destinations that Indians can travel without a prior visa.

5A Basket Full of Gifts

A basket full of gifts is a perfect gift idea. Sum it up with gifts like perfumes, cosmetic lotions, branded make-up items, designer jewelry, chocolates, hustle purse and etc. Try wrapping every gift separately.

People are right when they say, relationships should not be mixed with material gifts. We are talking about memories here.

All of these things become special when we bundle them with affection and adoration.

Behind these wrappers, it is our emotions and not the material items. Last but not the least, the best possible thing your can gift your wife is, “The True You.”

Make her feel that she made a right decision about choosing you as your life-partner.