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Are you wearing the right bra?



  1. 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.
  2. Wrong bra is a risk to your breasts.
  3. Wrong bra can affect your blood circulation.

Choosing the right bra can hide, reduce, divert attention from the defects. Beautiful lingerie draws attention to body parts that need to be labeled.

Statistics show that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Not only they are uncomfortable, but they can harm the beauty of breasts. If the bra is too big and broad, breasts are not supported, then it is going to leave you in long term troubles. And, if you wearing it too tight, the breasts will be rolled, and blood circulation will be affected. Here are five signs that show that you have chosen the wrong bra size:

The central part of the bra does not stand against your skin and this clue tells you that your breasts are too large for the bra you wear, which makes the whole bra to support your breasts only, not on the sternum, the central area of the chest. The central part of the bra should sit against your skin and your breasts will thus be supported.

When your breasts overflow the cups, you need clearly a bra with larger cups. When you try on a bra, wear close-fitting shirt to see if projections are formed above the breasts or not. Because, if there is no place in the cups, breasts will come out on top. This is going to make things look very unpleasant, and it will be like you have four breasts. This is also going to make your bra look too much and it will appear that your bust is one compact area.

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If you are experiencing pools form the folds or a space between the edge of the cups and breasts, you might be wearing a bra with a large cups leaving a large space. There should not be too much space between the breasts and sides of cups. The edges must be glued to the breasts, and if this does not happen, then you need a bra with smaller cups.

When you struggle with the fat on the back, while wearing a bra, you may think its’ straps at the back that are to blame. But, contrary, straps are too loose, and they are not staying where it should. Straps moves from place to form that unpleasant effect of fat on the back. To avoid this, you should know how to choose the right circumference.

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Catch first bra strap, widest, and sticks a finger underneath it in the back. If you feel there remains more space than a finger, then you need a bra with a smaller circumference. And, if your finger is not fitting easily under the bra, you need one of greater girth. Also, when you raise your arms above the back of the bra, band should not move.

Specialists quoted that straps should provide 10% support and 90% of the support is to be provided by the band that comes back. So, if you have to gather as much bra straps to give you support, then tape at the back is too broad. If the straps fall off from your shoulders, means that were not adjusted correctly.

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If your breasts are appearing from the prominent areas near the armpits that means you are wearing bra with cups too small. These presses your breasts, which make the sides out.

Wearing a bra of suitable measures and volume of your breasts is your guarantee of elegant outfits that would give you self-confidence. A wrong bra that is too small or that it is too big, it will make you feel uncomfortable and breast tissue will suffer. A wrong bra is a strong reason behind 25% back pain cases.

If the bra does not support your breasts well, they will seem left, and you will look older than you are.


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