We are What We Hide – What you resist persists!

Photo Credit: www.pixabay.com

“Always you wear a mask ….. To hide the soul that is in you”The more I resist myself from doing something, the more I get into it. Ever assumed why is it this way? Isn’t it going like – what you resist persists? Don’t you think, we are in a consistent battle with – to get what we want and want what we get? The more I run away from things, the more I see myself running towards them.

“I don’t care,” is just nothing more than a line that comes out of our mouth of its own, without seeking any permission from our consciousness. Very often we say, “do whatever you want to, I don’t give a damn,” but in reality that becomes the only damn thing of our biggest concern.

Instead, letting go certain things, we start fighting against them. At any cost, we want to keep that ‘damn’ thing next to our eyes. And, after some time that ‘damn’ thing becomes a major ingredient of our happiness. Why so?

Without any shadow of the doubt, we get attached to those feelings and emotions that we want to run away from. We try our level best to express our anger for those things, but in reality, we are in love with those things. No denial, emotion that we want to resist, actually they persist and in a rather bigger size.

Do you know the secret behind this stupidity of yours? Well, let me tell you. The simple logic behind this confusion is, “we are what we hide.” It is our fear, sense of insecurity within, and sometimes, the feelings that haven’t reached a resolution; they all force us to hold on to those feelings of pain, anxiety, sorrow or anger.

This becomes extremely difficult job when we are dealing with those emotions that constitute our reality; the true me. Unintentionally, we keep pushing ourselves to the things that otherwise we want to drop.


When it is about fighting with any issue that disturbs us; in the public, our subjective sense makes us behave like someone who is a complainer, protester, offender and hater of that evil. But, we need to admit, behind the curtains, our whole energy is focused on one single thing – not moving beyond something that is opposing us; we do not want to come to the terms that we enjoy being a part of that.

We are in a self-created cage where we want to live alone with over beliefs. It is not that tough to confess the reason we keep doing the thing that hurts is – we still love them, don’t we? It is our beggar beliefs and tendencies that can be credited here.

As a human being, our expectations never come down and we keep inflicting all kinds of agonies on ourselves. It is a mishmash of our one-sided ideologies that keep telling us – “Yes, I am doing this, and I am right here.”

One route that we all will take – blame game; instead, evaluating the mistakes, we start blaming others for your miseries. If someone did wrong to me, I have two options; revenge or forgive.

If I am in a situation of taking revenge, I will go for that for sure and if I am not, with a heavy heart I will be forgiving. But, frankly, does it really happens? Not at all. We keep disturbing us; we keep looking for chances.

Not a tough thing to understand that as long as you hold on to your ill will or hatred, you will never be able to free yourself of the bad feelings that are still residing within you. “If you can do something about your trouble, then why do you need to worry. And, if there is nothing you can do about it, then what is the use of worrying?”

So, where is the solution? How about generally accepting our own shortcomings? It is very simple; instead fighting with issues, we need to learn how to conquer our poor beliefs. We must practice, how to deal with our own insecurities and anxieties.

It is like rectifying oneself, reviving own thought process and reintroducing oneself to the world. For example, if something is hurting you, instead dealing them with an intention of making it taste the ground, why cannot we just ignore that?

Or otherwise, if you find yourself incapable of handling your emotions about that very trouble, just follow the ‘Do not Worry Principle.’ We all must agree that these worries of ours are like babies; the more we nurse them, the more they will grow.

Do not let the worries of others knock your doors because they are not going to leave you and they are not going to stop elbowing you unless you open the door. Stop entertaining such stupid topics, otherwise, they are going to sap your energy.

I agree that reviving oneself is also not an easy thing to do. In simpler terms, most of us won’t be able to take a criticism. You might not be able to find out the connection between your beliefs and troubles.

In that case, the solution to this self-imposed dilemma is – if you don’t know what is disturbing you, then how about reversing your approach? Let me break it for you. It is like doing reverse engineering of the troubles i.e. when it all started and where it dropped you last.

A self-analysis is they key and for that, you need an ice-calm brain. Do not let your emotions fool you and improve your skills on how you can dedicate your time to resisting what you don’t want.