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Wayward Teens – Biggest And Serious Problems of Teens
Wayward Teens – Biggest And Serious Problems of Teens

Wayward Teens – Biggest And Serious Problems of Teens



  1. Dealing with lots of emotional highs & lows
  2. Their curiosities are endless.
  3. Offer them diplomatic solution.

If you work with high school students, will probably face some very difficult issues: pregnancy, drug use, violence, serious family conflicts and all kinds of crises. It’s serious!

For parents, the worst nightmare is – dealing with the biggest and serious problems of teens. Of course, this is a universal truth – some teenagers are already facing these issues.

Look around the world and if you can dare to explore or read a few databases, you will notice that there are cases of 11 years’ old pregnant girls or boys in this age group using cocaine.

Why is it happening? Where all are these teens going? Ask any wayward teen about the thing he wants to change in his life. And, you will be amazed to learn their answer.

It is not drugs, but parents and advisers with a lot of free pieces of advice, they want to replace. Shocking, but truth. Let us talk about a few more problems faced by teens.

Lack of Friends

Easily, this is a number one problem faced by adolescents. Some of them have so many friends that they are always busy with their messages and replies. But, in the same age group, there are many lonely and depressed souls, who always wonder if someone will make friends with them. And, one day they will be called to participate in the games.

Solution to this problem is very easy, however, you need to behave in a little responsible manner. To have friends is not an easy task, though, anyone can have a friend, but leave your dignity at the door. You have to do things that young people like, even if it means to do some pranks or clubbing. I am not promoting vandalism or graffiti, but do not be ashamed to be a part of their world.

Questions About Sex

Most teens are obsessed with sex related question. As a parent, one should not discourage these questions sexual promiscuity. There are diplomatic solutions to every cravings or temptation of a teen.

Problems with Parents

For some teens, parental control is a major concern. Some of them feel that every step they take is observed and condemned. As a parent, I know what is excessive control. I am convinced that it is harmful.

I believe, as a parent, we all should learn how to encourage good behavior and how to create fewer rules and regulations for children. I mean, give freedom to them to be what they are – creative, fun, sincere expression of their true desires to people they can trust.

School & Peer Pressure

The biggest stress factor for adolescents is their performance in school. According to the survey conducted among 6,000 adolescents, “the academic pressure” is by far the biggest source of stress and every 4th student in 10 adolescents reported that.

Relationships with colleagues occasionally lead them not to sleep at night worried about that friends may not like them. The school is an ongoing emotional drain. Poor grades lead to more pressure and frustration with parents.

Our job is to understand these stress creators and we must create a safe space for them where they can enjoy their teenage. This applies especially to the young leaders, who often need more freedom to deal with this group. A sudden change in school performance is perhaps the best sign that something is not right in your kid’s life

Questions Regarding Appearance

Teens undergo radical changes in their appearance. Although internally they are changing as fast as their “looks”, it affects them more because it’s what everyone notices first. These days, you can simply notice every teenager experimenting with his hair or clothing styles. Stop criticizing teens for their love for grooming.

I found that the best thing to do is consistently greet them by their appearance. Well, this kind of behavior is not encouraged in the regular professional world, but teens need this stimulus. Be specific – in fact, the more specific the better. For example, “I like the new look of your hair” or “What a cool shoes!”

Verbal Attacks

We all know, how teen uses derogatory words, nicknames and hurtful words. If they have concerns about the appearance, they can find many persecutors that will convince them accordingly.

I’ve seen teenagers make fun of another due to frizzy hair, and so on. As a parent, one must do everything he can to neutralize these verbal attacks with statements that speak of your inner beauty.

Guilt and Shame

Many teenagers do not know how to deal with the consequences of their mistakes because for them, they will be made to pay huge prices as repentance.

Help teens understand the difference between forgetting and forgiving. Do keep in mind that teens don’t need you everywhere.

They may be going through something that is not so serious problems and many not deserve your attention. As a parent, ignore these problems; save time and energy for what really is serious.

Give them the opportunity to win their minor issues without adult intervention.