Ways to raise the Vibrations of your Home

Ways to raise the vibration of your home
Ways to raise the vibration of your home
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We purify the energy of our home to accommodate good high vibrations in our space and to eliminate all negative vibrations. The sole purpose is to have the high and positive vibration around us to make our surrounding peaceful and progressive. Do I need to tell you that, a house full of good vibrations means – improved conversations, better relationships, it enhances creativity and more. Should you be living in an atmosphere with positive vibrations, you can then expect fewer disputes, misunderstandings, and sadness. Feel the energy, the love of your space! Here are few techniques to enhance the vibrations of a place where you spend most of your time.

Clean and Get Rid of Waste Things

To change the vibration of your home, start by doing a spring cleaning with special attention to every object you clean or store. Indeed, when you pay attention to one thing, that you are transmitting it energy (source). So it is better to be in a positive frame of mind and, when cleaning, imagine that you also clean energy. Clean especially the areas of your home that may have “accumulated negative energy” such as if you have been sick and have spent much time on the couch or if you’ve cried a lot . For this, take the cushions and shake them well before the window. Some also use salt to “absorb the bad energy.” For this, you can sprinkle coarse salt on your carpet and couch and leave overnight before vacuuming or put in a container in the middle of the room. Also, take the regular time check those things that are of no use now. The point is; the waste things will not only take up space, but also would drag old energies with them that are no longer necessary. When you give up those things , you won’t only be vacating the place, but you will also feel lighter. You need to free yourself from the fear of “maybe one day I need it.”

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax provides a soothing deep yellow glow. This reduces stress and puts us in a good mood. At the same time, negative ions products, clean air, and also to remove allergens and other irritating particles. In addition, beeswax feels incredibly good. It is such a welcoming aroma, a subtle sweetness so delicious honey. You could spend hours looking at a lighted beeswax candle breathing its heady scent as it really soothes the soul.

Move Furniture

Rearrange your furniture time to time to change the way energy flows. This can create a whole new atmosphere. It is advised you to do tests before deciding how you will arrange your furniture. Change them and then sit down for a moment in the room and notice how you feel; choose the layout that makes you feel good. And so after a while it no longer suits you, change the layout again.

Let in Some Fresh Air

Let fresh air fill your home for at least five to ten minutes each day. Let the wind change naturally air that has been trapped by the air filled with oxygen with a cool breeze and dynamic. Even during the winter months, you should do it! Sometimes we can breathe the same air for days! For example, after a good rain, when the air is the purest, open wide in all your windows to “change the air.” If you have been ill in recent months, this could be particularly important to you.

Burn Incense

Incense would not only freshen the air and have a relaxing effect, but it would also increase the vibration of a location. It plays an important role in the spiritual practice of many different cultures and if possible, choose the natural incense because they will maximize the positive energy in your home. You can even make your own!


Make your home a place that represents you and expressing what you like. What feeds you and makes you feel alive? Are there some particular objects that represent a part of you (a musical instrument, a souvenir of a trip, a picture, etc.)? Personally, I love the bright and cheerful colors. So, I suggest decorating my rooms with colorful postcards and I put pillows that catch visitors’ eye in the living room. The colors are vibrations, it is our eye that receives light rays whose wavelength ranges between 400 and 700 nm and turns them into what we call a color. Our body does not react the same way to different wavelengths and these would influence the way we feel. Some colors are thus more conducive to relaxation (such as blue and green) and others are energy (such as orange and yellow).


A clean energy in your home improves meditation. And meditation improves energy in your home! So this is a win-win situation. There are countless benefits to this practice, and this inner work also seeps into the space around us. Should you have been to the house of someone who meditates, you might have felt the good energies. Regularly practice meditation promotes activation of the left anterior part of the brain, which is linked to positive emotions and has a positive effect on the immune system. Meditation seems to help stress management, anxiety, and even chronic pain. When you meditate, you feel more relaxed and this has an influence on the energy of where you are. Vibration between indeed resonate with the vibration you emit. The practice of meditation I do is the Transcendental Meditation , which is done twice a day – and quite honestly changed my life.

Put on Some Music and Dance

Moving your body with the rhythm of your emotions is the healing of the mind and soul. And sing, when no one can hear you, with fire and joy, can be such outlet. Let your mind move! As you swing and yell or scream with passion, fill each room with uplifting and lively vibration. The music would not only affect you, but would also be very effective in improving the vibration from one location. It creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere or otherwise energizing.

Open your curtains, even when you are not there if you can, to let sunlight flood the house and you transmit positive energy. You can also suspend a rock crystal with polished facets front of a window; the sun’s rays are thus like small rainbow skies and it has an energizing effect. Sunlight plays an important role in our energy level, our mood and our ability to sleep well. If you tend to be a little depressed, especially in winter when there are fewer hours of sunshine, you could benefit from light therapy. Studies show that it is effective against seasonal depression and against certain sleep disorders. There are so-called light therapy lamps specially designed to mimic sunlight. However, it is best to avoid overuse and overexposure. The living water circulates energy and enhances the vibration of a location. Moreover, the sound of water has a calming effect on some people. Consider putting a small fountain or an aquarium. The crystals are also used by many to improve the vibration from one location.

In addition, bring home fresh flowers to fill the house. They add a nice touch of color to brighten up the room, and they are aromatic, you can feel all day. Pretty flowers give a fresh atmosphere and a welcoming home.