Unusual Sexual Practices From Around The World

Least known Indian Places for Tourism
Least known Indian Places for Tourism
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  1. Legal punishment for masturbation.
  2. Male gynecologist cannot examining a woman.
  3. Penis foreskin is to be eaten.
  4. Men drink semen of men.

Sexuality is a vital part of humanity, often closely related to the spiritual.

A sexual practice that is a sacred tradition for one culture, is a shocking thing to another. In the city of Cali, Colombia (South America), women are allowed to make love only with their husbands, and at first, intercourse is mandatory that her mother is in the room, as witnessed sexual intercourse between newlyweds. In the town of Willowdale, State Oregon US, it is forbidden to swear or curse a woman throughout intercourse.

In Kansas, anal sex is punishable by up to six months imprisonment and punishment in Maryland between 1 and 10 years in prison. In Indonesia, the law punishes masturbation by imprisonment. According to the article 281 of national law, the maximum sentence is 32 months’ imprisonment. In the US state of Tennessee oral sex is prohibited . In Hong Kong, a betrayed woman has the right to kill her husband, but only by using her bare hands.

No less than 24 US states favor of the divorce filed by any woman who claims that her husband is impotent. In the US state of Iowa, if a man kisses a woman more than five minutes continuously, the act is considered a crime punishable by imprisonment. In the city of Eureka, Nevada in the US state law forbids a man to kiss a woman with a mustache. Here I will be explaining the traditions and rituals downright bizarre existing in some parts of the world.


In Bahrain, the male gynecologist is legally prohibited from examining a woman‘s genitals directly. Men Gynecologists (Muslim) in this country are asked to use a mirror positioned to provide the images they need when determining a diagnosis.


Masturbation was considered an act of God in ancient Egypt, due to the belief that the world was created by the god Atum who rained seed on Earth. Pharaohs used to practice a ritual symbolizing creation, masturbating during public ceremonies, then ejaculated into the Nile to ensure that the river will not be affected by drought.

Also, during the feast dedicated to Min, the god of male fertility Egyptians masturbated in public to bring such gratitude for potency and sex with different partners at random.


“Ghota” is a ritual involving both men and women. Know, sing, dance and do sex. At night, leave with sexual orgies. Beua girls drink herbal contraceptive to prevent pregnancy and then choose their sexual partners different every night.

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If you drink herbal does not work and one of the girls gets pregnant, the whole village will adopt the child because nobody knows who the father is.

Mardudjara, Australia

A tradition Mardudjara existing Aboriginal tribe in Australia, circumcision involves the transition from adolescence to adulthood. However, the really bizarre is that the foreskin is to be eaten by the men after it has been removed.

At age 10, boys are taken and subjected to such a ritual. His penis is cut on the underside and the resulting blood dripped into the fire. For the rest of his life, the man urinates from the bottom of the penis.

Indonesia Pon Festival

During this festival, participants travel to a sacred mountain on Java island to perform a ceremony to attracts good fortune through sex. They must spend the night having sex with any other person, less partner. It is said that wishes will come true only if they have sex with the same person at all seven festivals that are held throughout the year.

Sambian Tribe: the Tribe Drinking Semen – Papua New Guinea

The tribe Sambian boys mothers are taken away they reach the age of seven years and the next ten live only among men. During the decade, the skin is punctured to remove any contamination caused by women.

They consume sugarcane to support nose bleeds and vomiting that are caused by the same reason and drink the semen of men to increase their strength and sexual potency. When they return to society, continues to cause nosebleeds to reflect the periodic cycles wives.

Wodaabe, Nigeria

The people of this tribe are known for stealing wives turn, prevents others. The first marriage of a tribe member is arranged by parents during childhood and is between cousins of the same line. But, Gerewol annual festival, they dress in colorful costumes and makeup.

They, then try to highlight the teeth, face and features and dance to impress women – and hopes to steal a new wife. If the new couple is able to escape undetected when they become socially recognized. These marriages later are called marriages of love.

Trobriand, Papua New Guinea

Members of this tribe are known for magic spells which they are transmitted over generations. They try to induce erotic feelings or embellish a person. Beauty spells are made in coconut oil, which is applied to the skin. Also, the tribe is known for starting sexual activity at an early age. Often girls have their first sexual intercourse at the age of 6 to 8 years old, while the boys start at 10 years.


If you travel to Haiti and visit Saut d’Eau waterfalls in July, you could attend this risky ritual. Voodoo practitioners do this trip every summer to worship the goddess of love. Pretty normal, right? Wrong. Imagine a bunch of people naked, twisted, which bathe in mud mixed with blood from slaughtered animals, the floating heads of cows and goats.


A community in which brothers share wives – Himalaya According to an article in Psychology Today “Almost all companies practice what anthropologists call polyandry fraternal polyandry, i.e. where a group of brothers sharing a wife.”

Where there is little land available for agriculture and families are having more than one child, they face land division problems. The solution? They find a wife; one lady marrying all brothers, for all their children so that they can live together as a family and keep intact land plot.

Also, this arrangement works best when the wife is a shared in “programming” time spent with each brother. Here, marriages are arranged and family picks up a wife for oldest son. The same female is going to be shared with the younger brothers once they attain their maturity.

Modern Culture of Iran

Where you can have a temporary marriage, if you pay for it. We all know that Muslim practices are among some of the most rigorous terms of sex and relationships between men and women. For example, Muslim couples are allowed to have sex in the missionary position only. It is considered degrading for a man to seek any other position from his wife.

However, in certain Muslim countries such as Iran, a young couple who wants to have sex before they are ready to marry may apply for a “temporary marriage”. They are allowed to pay for a brief ceremony with a written contract that dictates the time to be “married”. Once they do this, they can have sex freely, without contradicting Islamic law.

What you think? Aren’t these shocking? Do you think, I have missed some, please share in the comment section below.