Types of Tea and Their Health Benefits

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Today, there are many kinds of tea and a wide range of fragrances on the market, which have different branches of health benefits. Recent research has shown that tea may protect the body against heart disease, Alzheimer’s and several cancers.  Learn how sipping a cup of tea can address any health issue! Here are some of the most popular types of tea and, of course, their benefits.


1. White Tea

White tea is much less processed than other forms of tea. It contains polyphenols, which is very helpful in preventing the formation of free radicals. It helps in fighting aging skin. Also, white tea contains ECGC, another antioxidant that prevents the formation of fat cells and wrinkles. Research indicates that white tea may protect the body against certain cancers, including colon cancer.

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2. Black Tea

Black tea – full of polyphenols, black tea is perfect to help you keep a pleasant breath. Studies have shown that polyphenols prevent bacterial growth in the mouth, thus minimizing smelling compounds that bacteria produce. Black tea stop depositing fat on the abdomen. Properties inhibiting glucose, which means that it may help prevent diabetes.

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3. Mint Tea

Mint tea is very powerful in calming diarrhea and peppermint is a good ally in improving mobility gastrointestinal tract.

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4. Passionflower tea

This is known as the Passion flower. This herb acts as a sedative and can be the perfect remedy for the problems like insomnia, agitation, nervousness, or gastrointestinal disorders. Sedative activity is mainly due to the phyto flavonoids substances of this plant, thereby calming and even treat definitive symptoms. Antispasmodics and devoid of danger, passionflower has a positive effect in the case of neuralgia and asthma spasmodic, favoring sleep physiological balance, especially in the early stages of repose.

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5. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, blocking chemicals in the brain that causes swelling. Ginger tea reduces inflammation about as fast as an aspirin. If you experience headaches, drink a cup of ginger tea at the beginning of symptoms to “cut” the pain in the bud.

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6. Ginseng Tea

Ginseng tea helps stimulate sexual arousal and erectile dysfunction. Ginseng contains compounds called ginsenosides that affect gonadal tissue and increases sperm count. It is recommended for enhancing the sexual satisfaction both in women and in men.

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7. Licorice Tea

Licorice tea that grows in the Mediterranean and in Asia, is, in fact, sweeter than sugar and has zero calories. Besides the fact that it is very good to quell cravings for sweet, licorice is also anti- inflammatory properties of killing bacteria. All tea contains licorice therapeutic compounds that help relieve pain in the neck.

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8. Nettle Tea

Nettle tea has antihistamine properties and prevents fever and allergies of any kind. It can also relieve symptoms of a runny nose, sneeze, and itchy eyes. To have a good effect, boil nettle for 15-20 minutes, for a better taste, add a slice of lime.

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9. Green Tea

About the benefits of green tea has been written often, but it’s good to remind them constantly. It helps in preventing cancer and hepatitis C. Green tea also reduces risk of heart disease because of antioxidants that it contains, and it also reduces cholesterol and diabetic problems.

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