Wealthy And Successful Men Always Avoid These Types of Women

Wealthy And Successful Men Always Avoid These Types of Women
Wealthy And Successful Men Always Avoid These Types of Women
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

I believe we all must have seen odd couples? By odd couple I mean, good looking, smart, wealthy man with a less unattractive woman. Ever thought, why some man prefers to be with a woman less beautiful and weak?

The answer is simple, and it has nothing to do with luck. In reality, good looking, wealthy men understand the importance of respect and that is what they strive for. In their books, the real definition of beauty is goodness, understanding, patience, and generosity. And, this the reason, why most of the beautiful looking women are not happy with their relationships. Dear ladies, here are the reasons you don’t have a wise, smart, and wealthy men in your life. Do remember that wealthy and successful men always avoid these types of women.

Men Don’t Like Dreamy Women – Who Are Always In Dreams

Beautiful ladies are too analytical. They prefer living in the wonderland; a land of dreams. They always compare their real love life with the prototypes of love in movies or books. I am not saying that you should not have any picture in mind, but try to get rid of unrealistic ideals.

Real life is not what they show in movies or fictional stories. Do keep in mind that men are not as complex as women are. They are straightforward. If they are saying something, they really mean that.

Most of the time, their words and gestures do not have a double meaning. Therefore, if you are interpreting or analyzing, you are actually pushing yourself towards frustration.

Men Don’t Like Impatient Women – Who Are Ready To Surrender After First Meet

Don’t get me wrong. But being a dating expert, I can tell you this; beautiful women are impatient. They go out to meet a man and right after the first day they start imagining how things and closeness.

Right after first meeting with a wealthy or successful man, they start sending him countless messages on the phone.

They start calling him from time to time for a lot of things. The reason behind this is – the amount of insecurity. They don’t want to miss that guy.

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But, a mature man sees this behavior as a sign of despair, which is not at all attractive. Ladies! We don’t want to be with a girl who is ready to surrender herself to a person, with whom she just had a meeting. This is a secret number two; wealthy and successful men always avoid these types of women.

Men Don’t Like Over-smart Women – Who Think They Can Use Any Man Without Credits

I can tell this with my experience. Most of the beautiful ladies, they try to behave like they don’t care. But, actually, they are living in a fear of losing a person. And, the worst part, they never give credit for the things.

Dear ladies! This is another mistake you all do. Why don’t you express yourself as a real person? Why are you always insecure?

Instead of camouflaging your fear of rejection, you should not do hidden, dirty and damaging things, such as looking for a hidden phone, checking emails when it’s not around, etc. Many times you risk losing an honest man because of your such idiotic actions.

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Men Don’t Like Drama Queens – Who Are Always Handy With Tissue Papers And Sad Stories

If you have a particular emotional problem, related to family, friends or any other sensitive factor, speak openly about this with your friend. We don’t want you to exaggerate the problem because we don’t want you to turn the whole event into a soap opera.

We appreciate strong and determined women, who can solve their own problems. We don’t want drama queens. We understand that you do this because you want to fetch attention, but at some point, this makes us angry.

Ladies, know that you know why wealthy and successful men always avoid these types of women, if you want to be around elite class men, you need to change yourself a bit.  It is not that we are against feminism, but we just don’t like insecure, impatient, dependent, over-smart and dreamy kinda women.

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We love to be with a woman, who is real, courageous, intelligent, loyal and with a lot of positivism. Wealthy and successful men are really not concerned  about looks. What you think?