Try These 10 Unexpected Uses for Wet Baby Wipes

Try These 10 Unexpected Uses for Wet Baby Wipes
Try These 10 Unexpected Uses for Wet Baby Wipes
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  1. Excellent stain remover.
  2. Easy substitute of shoe polish.
  3. Best for chrome kitchenware.
  4. Good room freshener.

Wet Baby wipes have proven their effectiveness not only in skin care, but also in carrying out household chores.

Surely you’ve used them on other occasions, not only when needed to wipe the baby’s bottom! Of all infant care products, wet baby wipes for babies prove to be extremely useful once your child grows.

Instead, wasting wet baby wipes, you can use them for various other things than your baby’s bottom. Here are some other unexpected uses for wet baby wipes.

Cleaning And Polishing Leather Shoes

Are you out of shoe polish? The simplest solution is to clean with wet wipes for babies. Natural skin softeners will absorb substances from the tissues and your shoes will stay clean and bright. Simple and fast!

Quick Stains Cleaning 

Surely you found any unexpected spot of spilled milk or juice. Try wet baby wipes and that spot can disappear like magic. But you can repeat the process when it is only about food stains.

Sanitizing Keyboard

It has been scientifically proven that the keyboard is one of the objects full of microbes that you have daily contact with. Therefore, it is very important to clean it. Using a towelette it can ease this task considerably.

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Use a toothpick to penetrate the tissue spaces between keys and you have a perfect keyboard in just a few minutes. However! It is not advisable to clean and monitor wipes.

Maintaining Leather Furniture

If you have a leather sofa or upholstered bed head, wet wipes are ideal for cleaning them. And, the best part is – the process takes a few minutes.

Gather The Hair of Animals

Although having a pet is awesome, however, cats and dogs can be an inexhaustible source of dirt. To gather their hair from all around is a very challenging task. But, with wet wipes for babies, you can do it easily.

Polishing The Chrome Utensils 

Do you have chrome kitchenware or furniture items with dull looks? Try wet baby wipes and you can bring the dead brightness back. Polish them with a wet baby wipe and they will look like new.

Room Fresher

Now, this one is really amazing. Put a drop of fragrant essential oil on a ball made with wet napkin and leave it in a corner of the house or in drawers. It will perfume discreetly place for several days.

Remove Traces of Crayons

Between 1 and 5 years, every child is a little Picasso. Therefore, almost all the furniture and even the walls of the house are “decorated” with your dwarf drawings.

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You can easily remove the wet baby wipes, especially if the walls were painted with washable.

Removing Stains From Hair Dye

If you dye your hair at home, a package of these wet baby wipes can be a life-saver. It can help you quickly get rid of paint stains from the forehead or neck.

Treating Foundation Stains 

How many times has happened to your favorite blouse stain of foundation? Or even children’s clothes, when you embrace?

Before you put so stained clothes in the washer, place a wet baby wipe. It will quickly remove dirt from the fabric before as it will soak dirt from the fibers of textiles.

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