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Invest in Your Hair - Treatments for White Hair
Invest in Your Hair - Treatments for White Hair

Invest in Hair – Treatments for White Hair

Your hair is 90% of your selfie.

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After a certain age, having white hair means wisdom. But, if you are seeing these before age, you need to treat these. Invest in your hair because your hair is 90% of your selfie. 

To an extent, hair whitening depends on your genetic inheritance. But, if you are getting it before an early age; you seriously need to get it fixed.

Normally, 30 is the age, when you can expect a few white hair. I know, this is a sign of aging, and instead of hating your white hair, you need to give them a special care. Trust me, they have a special charm. Here is how to care of your white hair.

A Few Miraculous Products

1Paint yourself strategically

Neither you need a full bowl of color nor need to dip your head in the bowl.

All you need to do is – apply strategy, while you color your hair. And, the strategy is – not to dye all you hair, but dying the white hair only.

Use a lighter shade to camouflage your gray hair as well.

By doing this you will able to reduce the contrast and gray hair will be less visible.

You can also try semi-permanent dye, which fades within a month of application.

By doing this you will able to reduce the contrast and gray hair will be less visible. You can also try semi-permanent dye, which fades within a month of application.

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2Use a blue shampoo

Ever heard about blue shampoo? It is an expensive alternative, I must say.

But, if you have white hair and do not want to dye your hair, use blue shampoo once a week instead of your usual shampoo.

Specially designed for white hair, blue shampoo formula will help you keep the brightness and tint your hair silver.

3Weekly moisturizing mask

Beauty experts say that white hair have a different structure; rough and dry.

To keep your hair beautiful and shiny, you can start intensive moisturizing treatment.

To begin with, it is okay, if you do this once a week.

Do keep in mind that you are not applying hair moisturizing cream to the roots because it can that can make your hair greasy.

4Choose light colors

It is much easier to treat white hair, if you dye them with a lighter shade than the one in true color.

Low contrast of white roots will allow you keep the desired gap between dying.

Blond tones, beige, light brown and even pastel shades, trendy for some years are good choices for white hair.

Home Remedies

Potato water fix

For this fix, you need about five to six medium or large potatoes. Clean them and put the shells in a large cooking pot. Add one and a half litre of water and then put it to boil. Let this composition heat for about 20 – 30 minutes. And, let it cool. Put the final solution in an empty bottle of shampoo and use it when required.

Take care of your diet

In addition to the above mentioned treatments, diet plays an important role.  Eat foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, iron, zinc, iodine and proteins. Also, avoid processed, salty and sweet foods.

You can also add raw foods, seeds and nuts, carrots, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, bananas, dried apricots, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds and brown rice to your diet.

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Gooseberry or Amla

This is the best cure for gray hair. Regular massage of your scalp with Amla paste can really do wonders in different cases, reversing the graying of hair.

Lemon and Oil

Try this massage as it gives very good results. For this, have a massage of coconut oil and lemon every day for 15 minutes. Chances are that your hair will return to its natural color and will remain same until after the age of 60.

Tea and Salt

Put a tablespoon of salt in a cup of tea. When cooled, pour tea it on your hair and scalp.  Leave the mix on for an hour and rinse with cold water. You really do not need to use any shampoo after this. Do not worry about the smell; it does not last for long.

Hope these tips will work for you. If you have any more tips, please do let us know by the comments section below.