Traveling Alone – I Am A Solo Traveler And I’m Enjoying It

I am not anti-social, I am anti-idiot.

Traveling Alone - I Am A Solo Traveler And I'M Enjoying It
Traveling Alone - I Am A Solo Traveler And I'M Enjoying It
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


  1. Solo travelling need guts.
  2. A way to conquer your fears.
  3. A way to test your limits.
  4. A way to love yourself.

I am not anti-social, I am anti-idiot. My favorite tagline, whenever people call me an alien for not being a part of their useless social gatherings.

God! I don’t want to be a sheep. I don’t want to dance in somebody’s marriage whom I barely know. Do I look like a cabaret dancer? Instead, I prefer to pack my bags and go on a vacation, preferably at a distant location.

I am a traveling freak and throughout my life, I have been to many places around the world. Be it Sydney’s Opera House, Dubai’s Palm Island, Singapore’s little India or Suntec City or Adult Disneyland of Pattaya beach; I thoroughly enjoyed every single place.

What do I get? What is the point of traveling alone? People often ask me, how can someone travel alone? And, I say – why cannot? I think traveling alone makes you learn a lot of things about you.

Last summer, I visited Australia.

March 15, I boarded Cathay Pacific from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. After clearing my boarding, I was sitting in the departure lounge. A very sweet looking girl was sitting right in front of me. It took me less than a minute and I was already infatuated.

God! What are your plans? Is she going to sit with me?

Seat Number 30 to 46 Premium Economy Class, please proceed for boarding. And, all my eyes were on her. After entering the plane, I realized I was not carrying my laptop.

Oh, Shit! I went back to collect my bag. I saw her taking her seat.

How irresponsible I was. Well, Dear God! Show me that you love me. And, Guess what? She was my co-passenger. Cathay Pacific premium economy class seat number 41 A and C. We were together until Hongkong. She was actually flying to Canada. From a professional software developer, I became a pickup artist.

So, are you traveling alone? I asked her.

Yes. I love to travel alone. I think traveling alone is the only way you can learn to test your limits and you can grow your confidence. Moreover, you are your only PIC – partner in crime. Do whatever you want and nobody is going to know.

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I really loved her theory. And, to me, somewhere I was a passenger on the same boat. My only reason for traveling alone is – “exploring the things to the fullest and in my own way.”

She further added, “this theory makes you selfish. But, survival is hard if you are not selfish and by survival I mean happiness. You must love yourself and you must put your interest on the top.

You really do a big favor to your planning skills, when you travel alone.

How come? I surprisingly asked her.

She continued. You are on your own and you are the master of your route. Be it sea or desert, it is you who have to deal with it. You find your own ways for your survival. Just imagine, how daring you are. You are accepting the challenge of being around strangers and you are enjoying that.

I don’t think everyone can do this. You need guts. And, only a few people like me and you have those.

You are daring to speak another language without being worried about the consequences of offending them with your wrong pronunciations. Actually, you learn to face your fears and traveling alone makes you an open-minded personality.

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Yes, you are right. I submitted my approval on her statements because, for the first time, I was meeting with someone who was just like me.

You know what, even today when I pack my bags my landlord freaks out. Every time I tell him about my vacation, he comes up with one single line. “You are a depressed soul. Only broken souls don’t need company.”

She interrupted me in between.

Don’t worry about shrewd personalities. They are everywhere.

You are not alone. You are in your own company. A company that you can trust blindly. A company where your companion is just like you. Moreover, you are making new friends; friends who are just like you.

Friends? She pulled out her hand. It was like dream come true and without wasting a minute I grabbed that.

“Flight attendants, prepare for landing please.” The announcement was just on time.

I now have a friend, who is, just like me. A friend, who is fearless, confident, open-minded, and far away from street disco dancers.

Thank You ‘N.’ You made my vacation.