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Top Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

Top Reasons Why Good Employees Quit
Top Reasons Why Good Employees Quit
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Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

I am fed-up here. I am just waiting for completing my second year with this company and then, I am going to quit. I really need a break from this place.

This is perhaps the favorite lunchtime topic of discussion and locating the associated group members is also not very hard; they are everywhere. No one is satisfied, be it a boss or employee. Dear employers, you need to admit that good employees are hard to find and hardest to maintain and very easy to lose. You need to understand why good employees quit.

Dear employers, after working with national and international employers, I have figured out a secret that predicts the success of your ventures. Employee retention is the thing that is going to decide your product’s fate.

Keeping someone on board just because he is with you for long is not going to add anything to your business, especially when they show no improvement in their skills and dedication. At the same time, when you add a new person to the board for the same project, you have to bear the irreversible cost of training and you will have to wait for exact performance.  Therefore, I would like to say that if you are an employer, you must learn how to retain your excellent workers.

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Trust me employers; if you do not know how to stimulate and provide a good working environment, you are going to lose your best warriors. But, you need to stop this. Avoid these mistakes.

1Overburdening them with work

Most commonly, many employers do this mistake. Every employer wants his best men to do the job because they have the best solutions for everything. But, do you know this is not good for your best resources; you are overburdening them with work.

It is wrong policy, to keep your favorite useless employees on rest and overloading the workers who are already performing. No doubt, talented employees love challenges and they can accept a larger volume of work, but they will surely skip you try to steal their leisure time that they want to spent with family and friends.

Overburdening is not good for creativity and quality. And, a creative mind is not going to accept any compromise with his creativity.

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2No Rewards

Every person likes praise, in one way or another, especially when it comes to rewards for better performance. If you are forcing them to have a compromise about the rewards they deserve or expect, you are surely going to lose them.

3Show Some Care

Do you know that many people leave their job because of relationship they share with their boss? You as a manager need to know how to balance professional and personal relationship. Should you disrespect their beliefs or priorities, they are going to resign. You need strong policies and you must make sure that those applies to everyone because in the lunch people going to talk.

4Value Your Promise

When employers promise something, but never fulfill; have my words, they are going to skip you. As an employer you must understand you need to respect your promises, otherwise, good employees will write resign the faster you can expect. No one wants to work for a place where everything proves to be a “fake statements.”

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In addition, allow your employees to follow their passion. Do not put unnecessary restriction because they are going to limit their productivity and satisfaction at work.

Nobody wants to work in a place that looks like a school where discipline is imposed on students only, not on management.