Tooth Bleaching or Teeth Whitening – Another Miracle of Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Bleaching or Teeth Whitening - Another Miracle of Cosmetic Dentistry
Tooth Bleaching or Teeth Whitening - Another Miracle of Cosmetic Dentistry
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No more yellow, discolored, or stained teeth. It’s time to say goodbye. Cosmetic Dentistry got the solution.

Undeniably, cosmetic dentistry is an answer to all questions about teeth ailments, discoloration, and other disfigurements. Since last few years, we have noticed remarkable updates in the field of dentistry and that too within a short span of time. Out of those updates, tooth bleaching or teeth whitening is the most widely demanded procedures.

Don’t worry about the costs. Do keep in mind that when it is about your personality, any price is an affordable price. The motive is achieving their dream of a perfect smile. Let me share a few advantages of tooth bleaching or teeth whitening.

What is tooth bleaching or teeth whitening?

There can be many reasons because of which teeth can become discolored, yellowish, or stained. You lifestyle, age and genetics can be on of these.

Along with these, smoking, bad oral hygiene, drinking excessive tea or coffee, antibiotics and bacterial pigments can stain the teeth or can cause shades of yellow. But, the end result is – ugly looking stained teeth.

In general, there are a lot products available in the market such as strips, gels, lasers and denture cleaners and to the wonders, people are widely preferring these techniques of whitening their teeth. But, what a cosmetic dentist can do, you won’t be able to do it yourself.

Let us understand a few very commonly used methods of tooth whitening.

There are various types of dental and non-dental bleaching procedures that can be performed either at home or by an efficient cosmetic dentists.

Gel Bleaching

This procedure involves high concentration and low concentration gels. Only dentist know how to work with high concentration gels because they are expert in performing this produces without causing any harm like chemical burns to the gums or the soft tissues.

Light Accelerated Bleaching

This tooth bleaching or teeth whitening bleaching procedure is also known as LASER and it can be performed using light accelerated sources such as LED, halogen and plasma arcs. Halogen along with a hydrogen peroxide solution (strength of 25% to 35%) produces the best results in comparison to the others.

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What are the risks involved in tooth bleaching or teeth whitening?

Although tooth bleaching or teeth whitening procedures are relatively safe, yet they can have various drawbacks if not handled properly. Should you not hiring an expert dentist for these procedures, you may have to face risks such as chemical burns of soft tissues, over bleaching, and an increased sensitivity towards hot and cold substances.

So, why so serious? Talk to our experts and fix a date for your tooth bleaching or teeth whitening session, if you need one.